FIFA 15 PS4, PS3 demo release time Vs Xbox

As we told you earlier on, EA has released the FIFA 15 demo on Xbox One first and it’s available to download now. Unfortunately though, those looking for the FIFA 15 PS4 and PS3 demo release time will have to wait another day.

Within the last 30 minutes, Sony has just confirmed that the FIFA 15 demo will be released on Wednesday instead. We hinted about this as a possibility here when Sony initially only listed PS3 as getting the FIFA 15 demo.

EA were also apparently in the dark too, promising to update gamers on when the demo will be available on other platforms. The reality is though, EA and Microsoft have managed to release the FIFA 15 demo on Xbox One very early and right now it’s the only way to play the demo.

There is no set FIFA 15 demo release time on PS4 yet, but we’re guessing it will now go live when Sony updates the PS Store on Wednesday in Europe. It’s obviously very frustrating to PS4 and PS3 owners, especially when EA already offers FIFA 15 Legends exclusively on Xbox platforms of FIFA 15, leaving PlayStation and PC owners with nothing.

Tensions are naturally raising on social media, with Xbox owners wasting no time in boasting about this victory in being able to play the FIFA 15 demo before anyone else.

Are you upset about this as a PS4 or PS3 owner, considering it is such a big game launch and should be released on multi-platform universally? Let us know how you are feeling right now, knowing that you will have to wait another day for the FIFA 15 PS4, PS3 demo release.



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