FIFA 15 PC demo on Origin, download link imminent

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 9, 2014

The FIFA 15 PC demo hasn’t got a clear release time today, but what we now know is the Origin download link will be arriving soon thanks to an update on EA Sports Twitter account. This news follows the FIFA 15 Xbox One demo going live first and PS4/PS3 owners hearing about a setback until September 10.

EA’s official SPORTS account on Twitter explained that the FIFA 15 PC demo is still set to release today, and this news came after a few of these gamers got worried after Sony console setbacks. Keeping with Microsoft platforms getting the content first, EA said the PC version will launch “later today” and they will share the direct Origin download link on their Twitter account shortly.

FIFA 15 PC demo on Origin

There’s obviously been quite the debate surrounding the different releases on each platform. Some people feel it’s unfair to Sony, while others point out PS store updates take place on Wednesday and Xbox on Tuesday. We’ll leave our readers to debate this in the comments.

If you are wondering about the ability to transfer FIFA points from FIFA 14 to 15, you should know that there will be a one time transfer of points available for gamers. We will update this article when the FIFA 15 PC demo goes live on Origin with a download link as well. If you notice it live before us, then leave a comment.

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