Fallout 4 MMO distaste not stopping Fonline

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 9, 2014

While not every gamer shares the same distaste for a Fallout 4 MMO, it’s clear from previous feedback we’ve received that the majority of fans don’t like the idea of turning Fallout into a console MMO like Destiny. If your feelings on this possibility have changed, then we’d love to hear your thoughts on Fallout 4 releasing as an MMO in the comments.

If you haven’t heard about FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix, then you should read a little about this Fallout MMORPG in our earlier article or take a look at the gameplay below on this page. You can see a screenshot from FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix below, but in a nutshell this game is PvP oriented and promotes both competition and cooperation in “a Fallout MMORPG” using the FOnline engine. This is an unofficial release and not created by Bethesda.


Fonline doesn’t seem to be that popular right now with only a few hundred people online at any given time from when we’ve looked at fonline-aop.net stats. The debate at this time has focused on the chances of Bethesda sending a DMCA, or a lot of agreement in regard to not wanting Fallout 4 going the path of an MMO.

Fallout 4 MMO distaste not stopping Fonline – whatever the majority of gamers think that love this franchise, Fonline isn’t slowing down their promotion and development of Ashes of Phoenix. In fact, they promise future updates will include vehicles after “necessary core features” are implemented, and all maps will be made exclusively for this game. The current development is focusing on improving stability and fixing bugs.

Take a look at the Fonline gameplay below, and then share a comment with your thoughts on an official Fallout 4 MMO releasing? Are you still dead against this idea, or would you welcome it?

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  • geord88

    Not exactly a wasteland if it will be full of thousands of people having a dance party?

    • MM No

      Haha, totally.
      I just hope Beth aren’t looking at an MMO model. I am worried coz Elder Scrolls Online may have got them hooked on infinite revenue streams. Why get only the price of the game out of consumers when people are happy to pay the for a full price game and then $10pm for…like, ever.
      If there is one sucker for every guy like me that would not buy it, then it would be commercially prudent to go MMO. Here’s hoping people stop forking money out for ESO, otherwise Fallout 4 will definitely be an MMO. Not to mention that we will never see Elder Scrolls 6 while ESO is still pulling the coin in.