Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC weapons excitement

Battlefield 4 is still going strong and this week we can finally bring you some solid news regarding Battlefield 4 Final Stand, the last piece of official DLC that will come as part of Battlefield 4 Premium.

After playing the excellent Dragon’s Teeth expansion, many fans are now starting to get excited about potential BF4 Final Stand weapons. EA and DICE have been keeping silent on the features of Final Stand, but now we can tell you that the official BF4 Final Stand DLC trailer will be going live on Tuesday morning.

DICE has revealed via their Facebook page that the Final Stand trailer release time will be 9am Pacific Time on Tuesday, which relates to 12pm Eastern Time, 5PM UK time and 12am for those watching in Asia.

They have also teased players by saying ‘Are you ready for the future’, suggesting that some of the new weapons and gadgets are going to be futuristic based.

Will this include both weapons and gadgets though, or just one or the other? It wouldn’t make sense if there was one futuristic weapon combined with traditional weapons, so we have a feeling that the future tease relates to some gadgetry.

We can see that players have already begun to predict what weapons are going to be coming – AK47, G383 and M27 and Vector are just some of the requests that we have seen frequently on BF4 message boards.

All will be revealed in the debut trailer we expect once it’s broken down, but what new weapons are you hoping to see? Do you agree that EA and DICE have done a great job with BF4 Premium overall?



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