Apple live stream not working with errors

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2014

Just like millions of other users around the world, we were tuning into the Apple live stream at 10am Pacific Time hoping to enjoy a lovely event. Unfortunately though, the Apple live stream is not working properly at the time of writing with many users reporting Apple stream buffering problems constantly.

Apple are surely aware how massive their event is and have a contingency plan in place when their servers come under inevitable pressure. Sadly though, it looks like even Apple cannot contain the sheer hysteria regarding the iPhone 6 announcement and the stream is currently in a broken state.

Refreshing the homepage appears to provide a temporary solution, but again we were met with error messages giving messages out such as “An error occurred loading this content, try again later”.

It’s obviously not an ideal situation and it means that users have to put up with an Apple event live blog elsewhere while Apple tries to fix the problem.

Are you currently having big problems trying to watch the Apple event stream either on Apple’s homepage or via Apple TV? We are still having problems off and on so let us know if you are in the same situation.

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  • Very very disappointed. #Fail

  • Letdown

    This is a big hit to my confidence in Apple. I agree with Jetrider, this is not the Apple of Steve Jobs. Very unimpressed as well as disappointed!

  • Jetrider

    Get your SH** together Apple…..You are not the Apple of Steve Jobs. Total embarrassment

  • Ermah Gerd

    If I spoke Chinese, it would probably be a lot easier to follow.