Apple event video after live stream problems

- Sep 9, 2014

The Apple event video will be hunted for their September 9th keynote more than any year before. The reason for this is due to massive Apple event live stream problems today, which saw one of the worse ever keynotes we’ve seen for an iPhone launch. We touched on these issues the moment the video coverage started.

Fans couldn’t watch on Apple TV or the online website. had an access denied message continually, then this followed with a lot of freezing and buffering for live streaming. The problems were voiced on Twitter, as seen with some of the messages featured in tweets below.

In fact, even if you managed to get watching there would be freezing and jumping every now and then. Again, this is the first year we seen such a large amount of problems with any Apple iPhone event before.


Did you miss most of Apple’s Sept 9 event thanks to streaming problems? The good news is you can watch the whole keynote in full shortly after the event, so bookmark this page and head to it in a few hours when you will see the full Apple event video recap.

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