FIFA 15 MLS player ratings: Henry Vs Villa Vs Donovan

With FIFA 15 set to release at the end of the month, we wanted to talk about the excitement over in America, with the MLS now emerging as a great alternative league to play as for those players that are looking for a nice twist.

EA has spoken a lot about European versions of FIFA and have just revealed the top 50 players on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. However, they have not spoken about the US versions too much except for revealing Clint Dempsey as the main US cover star alongside Lionel Messi.

No MLS player was featured in EA’s top 50 either, but there are going to be some very good players though to choose from – in particular Thierry Henry who plays for New York Red Bulls, Landon Donovan who still plays for LA Galaxy and David Villa, a new recruit for newly set up team, New York City FC.


Which player is EA going to rate the highest out of these crop of MLS talent though? We’ve heard plenty of contrasting opinions from fans who say that both Henry and Donovan are currently the best players in the league – do you agree on this?

You can see that EA also rate Dempsey very highly indeed, even giving him a stunning 87 card for featuring in the MLS team of the season. At the moment, EA has given no hints whatsoever on the official FIFA 15 ratings for these players, so it’s an anxious wait.

The images shown here are some of the high awarded FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards that the players have earned through last season. Take a look and let us know who you think will be the best FIFA 15 player in the MLS league.

Will it be Henry, Donovan, Villa or even Dempsey in your opinion as he’s the cover star?



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