FIFA 15 demo release time and teams

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2014

It’s the moment that FIFA fans have been waiting for now, as EA are almost ready to unleash the FIFA 15 demo release time. We have a heads-up to bring you on the potential release time as well as the confirmed FIFA 15 demo teams that will be available and there’s a great selection this year.

Every year, EA offer gamers the chance to preview the upcoming football game and this year will be no different. With the FIFA 15 demo though, EA are offering even more content to try and we can tell you that there’s going to be a total of 8 teams to choose from – very generous you have to say.

The FIFA 15 demo team list should include Barcelona, Liverpool, Man City, Dortmund, PSG, Napoli, Boca Juniors and Chelsea. The key information that most of you want to know is a FIFA 15 demo release time for US and UK, but also what platforms are going to be included.

We know that a FIFA 15 demo on PC is definitely coming on Tuesday, as the information has already been posted by EA on the Origin website. We also know that a FIFA 15 demo on PS3 will be coming as well, as Sony has updated their Blog website with specific mention of a FIFA 15 PS3 demo this week.


Unfortunately, there’s rumors suggesting that the FIFA 15 PS4 demo may not be out at the same time as PS3, but we’ll confirm this information when we can.

As for the exact times, we have been informed that the PC demo will be available at 9.30am UK time on September 9, while those looking for the FIFA 15 demo release time on Xbox One and Xbox 360 could start downloading at 2pm UK time – remember that the Xbox store usually updates on a Tuesday.

The PSN store usually updates on a Tuesday too, but only in US and a potential time for the FIFA 15 demo release on PS3 could be around 7.30pm. It means that those waiting to play in the UK on PS3 could be getting the FIFA 15 demo on Wednesday, when the PS Store EU updates around 5pm UK time.

Those times are not confirmed 100%, but they are what we have heard along with the 8 mentioned teams. When the demo does go live, you should be able to enjoy both FIFA 15 Kick-Off and Ultimate Team game modes – it’s great that EA is throwing in a preview of FUT as well on top.

So there we have it. Are you excited about the FIFA 15 demo release time? Let us know if you have heard anything different and we’ll let you know anything regarding the PS4 release when information becomes available.

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  • Phenrik

    It is allready released for PC 😛

  • Tomas McHendry™

    Just really pissed off that Playstation seems to be losing the FIFA race to Xbox. Xbox gets the demo first and gets FUT Legends exclusively. Which part of that is #4theplayers?

  • matt

    no pro clubs for 360 or ps3 just next gen

  • Richie

    Does anyone know if fifa 15 will have pro clubs for xbox 360?

  • hkjhjkhkjhkjhjkhjk

    its 09.43 now and it havent come up

  • Richard

    What is the Release time in Asia – India

    • Eood

      Same question here. Is it a worldwide release?

      • Kazie

        Hi there I would love to know what time is the demo going to be released on ps3 in south africa

  • altin bana


  • Jim Imler

    if this demo isn’t released for the ps4, i won’t be purchasing it when it launches 2 weeks later. that’s ridiculous.

    • Sadaq

      Well said Mate,there’s more fans on ps4 eager to play and they always prefer x box, when the game is better on play station plus more sales on psn

      EA logic

      • maurits

        do you even read?
        the psn store is updated on wednesday, not on tuesday. therefor it’s not ea’s fault this time.

        • Laurence

          THIS time….