Destiny Twitch TV stream after midnight release

There’s a number of Destiny Twitch TV live streams taking place right after the midnight release in different countries. Of course, Australia was the first country to feature gamers sending a live video stream over Twitch TV and now the UK is having its turn.

This is one of the first Destiny midnight PS4 streams we’ve seen and it is streaming live from Australia. There’s over 700 people watching right now and the stream has had nearly 600,000 views, although be warned as this channel is named “Excessive Profanity” and won’t be to everyone’s taste.


If you are in the United States and cannot make it to Gamestop, then this Destiny midnight release stream will kick off later today on Central Time. You can also see this Twitch TV stream from a gamer based in California, which will be streaming live in a few hours time.

Will you be watching a live stream on Twitch TV rather than heading to any of the Destiny midnight release events?



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