Arsenal FC’s Danny Welbeck in FIFA 15 photo and rating

Danny Welbeck now plays for Arsenal football club after a transfer from Manchester United and today we have his FIFA 15 overall rating. Also, you can see a screenshot for Danny Welbeck’s face from within the upcoming game.

The photo revealing Welbeck’s face has been out for a little while now and we did expect the in-game face to look good. This is what most people expect from these games, especially on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. With that said, take a look at the photo and let us know your thoughts on these graphics?

Welbeck benefits from an 86 rating in FIFA 15, which we personally think is spot on. There are those that feel it’s not a good overall rating when compared to other football players, as seen with current debate on Twitter.


We’ve included Welbeck’s official FIFA 15 card above that also features his date of birth, height, and sub ratings on his card.

Others find the sub ratings a little funny, as seen with the passing change and a comment left on Twitter that’s featured in another tweet below.

Are you happy with Danny Welbeck’s transfer to Arsenal FC and his overall 86 rating for FIFA 15? The player has scored two goals during the England game on September 8th, which certainly lifted up the team spirit and his record for England.



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