PES 2015 demo teams with FC Barcelona, Bayern

- Sep 7, 2014

We now know exactly what football teams will be included in the PES 2015 demo and the release date was revealed last month. Teams featuring in the PES 2015 demo include FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Real Madrid CF, Napoli, and a few more mentioned in the video below this article.

PES 2015 and FIFA 15 are the two biggest football games on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and previous generation systems. Fans like each game for very different reasons, although we’d still love to hear from our readers about why they love their chosen franchise? Leave comments below.

Take a look at the video and let us know if you think the PES 2015 demo should have featured any other teams? We know a few Manchester United fans felt their club should have been included in this demo.

You’ll be able to get hands-on with a trial version of the game when it launches from September 17th, which has certainly been planned to trump the FIFA 15 release date.

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  • Glooby

    FIFA 15 this year is SOOOO poor it’s unreal! PES 2015 isn’t as good as it could be but it’s still not bad either. I have played both already and can confidently say that FIFA has become stale. Those fan boys who love it just because of license might also become frustrated this year! PES 2015 is a step in the right direction but this year is going to be slow for football lovers.

    • Sheldon Leans

      Yeah I’m sure you’ve played both already considering neither demo has come out never mind the full game

    • Koki Mijaceski

      glooby man are you drunk or something.. ?? o.O …. FIFA 15 is the most realistic game in the history ..

    • Volkan

      Your sick it s not poor its FANTASTIC. I play every year pes and fifa so I know the differences and Fifa 15 is fenomenal you guys have to pay more attention for the details how can you say you see no difference I really dont inderstand what did you not like then I really wonder or youbdont vare about details??

  • Sheldon Leans

    PES is the worse excuse for a football game ever, I’d rather play this is football on the ps1

    • Mark Coull

      This is football was a great game!
      I love PES! But lack of premier league teams, stadiums, licenses and crowd chants… It’s a no brainer!
      And paying the same money for pes as what you pay for fifa is ridiculous, no option files on next gen PS4 makes PES2015 a self editing only game! I’ll stick with fifa! As a Chelsea fan my team look amazing! The graphics are first class.

      PES2015 only has rain effects in the game, fifa has every weather effect (I love playing in the

      • Sheldon Leans

        I wasn’t insulting this is football was just saying I would rather dig out my PS1 and play that as opposed to playing PES :), and I agree with you completely it also doesn’t help that the vast majority of my friends all play FIFA, and with the new living pitch within FIFA I can’t wait to see the effects when playing in rain and snow 🙂

        • Glooby

          I think you did not read carefully, the dynamic pitch is only for normal pitches. It will not be there during rain and snow.
          btw.. I played the games during Gamescom and E3 at EA’s booth

        • Sheldon Leans

          Well done for playing unfinished titles, and I bet that went down well playing PES at the EA booth (Y)

        • PES is looking great this year, if it won the gamescom award over Fifa then it must be something special and the option file update will be coming…..Remember the games not out until November.