Next GTA V update specifics for 1.17

- Sep 7, 2014

The next Grand Theft Auto V update will be 1.17 and while most updates have focused on the hope of Heists releasing, today we wanted to look at some of the recent ideas from gamers that don’t include Casio and Heists DLC. While we’d love to see both of these in the GTA V 1.17 update, there’s plenty of other great ideas for online content.

Almost every blog post on the Rockstar news wire asks for feedback on desired content. The developers apparently want to hear about your “specific” ideas that you want added, which can be large or small.

The latest ideas being offered up on wish lists – we’ve taken a look at some interesting ideas being offered by the community, which we feel Rockstar need to see. One Product Reviews reader suggested the Comet Classic for GTA V’s next DLC, and they also ask for “punctuation for meme text on Xbox”.

Others suggest “New sports and super cars are needed”, and while we’ve seen many car additions it seems that after a Flight School update some players want to see new and old cars return again. “I’ll play again once relevant DLC is released, I know how to Fly Rockstar”, said one commenter.


Another fan had this request, “GTA Online has many role players who want Emergency Services or Military DLC. I have a military crew, so this sort of update would be perfect and it would be great if we could have some more camouflage clothing like Digital camo. There’s so many ideas for a Military DLC”.

What do you feel should feature in the next GTA V update and when do you hope this will release? Personally, we’d love to see the July 4th Monster Truck return to the game, as an extra within a future update.

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  • colin

    What date

  • casey

    In gta the petrol station should be used as petrol stations an if you run out of fule you should ring recovery an if you wheel spin an buld your tyres you should be fined by police make it more real

  • Ghost240

    So, i hear Gta 5 is finally going to Xbox one, Ps4 and Pc, as if that’s going to make the game better

  • ipoddude4ever

    Is there an update today?

  • John

    Why does nobody mention how unbearable the people who fly jets just to kill other players, then as soon as they die they passive mode then repeat over.why can’t we have heatseeker missiles to end all this or do away with jets having ammo,everyone has had enough with this issue rockstar,take note or you will lose customers.

  • Brandon

    I ride a jetski in my real life so I really want the sexy wetsuit for online so bad. Like for scuba diving, jetski riding and for triathlon! 😀 And option to enable those scuba things on it like air bottles, flippers and mask. The wetsuit in storymode looked stupid. It was like a jacket, pants and gloves. I want a realistic, modern, sexy one piece wetsuit with no gloves and shoes and other stupid extra things lmao.

  • Nico Uchtman

    i want that i can sell my pegasus vehicles!!!

  • gta 5 fan

    Can you guys put the original blade from san andreas in gta 5. More urban clothing. Gloves, Letterman Jackets, More jewelry…. earrings, bigger chains, rings, Watches, alot more bling. Allow the players to put our crew emblems anywhere on our cars body and clothing. We also will like to work out. Some of us would like our characters to have better bodies an to be more athletic. If we are not getting the heist please add more glamorous thing to the game please.

    • Common Sense

      SEND THEM AN EMAIL! Don’t randomly post your ideas on some website, Rockstar will NEVER see them if you do that! Their ideas email is

  • Deadhand

    1. Please allow a selectable default radio station for owned cars. I’m so tired of having flylo on every single time my car spawns.
    2. A VTOL fighter.
    3. Sea planes, sea helis and WW2 planes. (I’d personally love to see the PBY Catalina seaplane.)
    4. Bulletproof glass. Or at least bullet resistant windows for cars.
    5. One or two APCs.
    6. Scuba or rebreather.
    7. Give the annihilator explosive rounds again. Pretty useless otherwise.
    8. Purchasable luxury yachts with helicopter landing pads for ocean apartment property.
    9. Allow the ability to turn on or turn off spam phone calls from Gerald, brucie and other characters.
    10. Merriwether bodyguard units.

    • Deadhand

      *also, can the cargobob be fixed so that when landing in water it doesn’t sink when you exit the vehicle?

    • That one piece of ham

      Dude, if you want ROCKSTAR to see your ideas, send an EMAIL to them at, don’t just post a comment on some website that is in NO WAY related to Rockstar’s website.

  • Martycar9

    Also… we need a “buy all ammo” option when you walk into Ammunation. You have it in the mission menu screen so it can be done. Tired of standing there and cycling through every type of weapon to see what I need ammo for. Sometimes I end up accidentally buying crappy weapons I don’t want by accident while trying to refill ammo. Really annoying. Some smoke bombs to provide cover would be cool. Or some concussion grenades that could temporarily disable someone and allow you to move in for the kill while they’re hiding in cover.

  • Martycar9

    How about bringing back the seaplane or helicopters capable of landing on water, like in previous versions? The Hydra jet is a must. Also, a Titan-like AC130 gunship would be awesome where a co-pilot could use a camera like on the Buzzard to fire machine guns or cannons like on the Lazer. A WWI style biplane with a mounted machine gun for the pilot and/or co-pilot would be cool.

    For cars, a retro Bullet would be cool. I also like the retro Comet idea. Also, your version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (I believe its the Canis Seminole) is an abomination. You took one of the most beautiful real life SUV’s and performed an abortion. For the love of God, make a nice looking Seminole!

    So many other ideas… like an option got cop-free lobbies. There’s so many times when we are having epic battles with each other and the cops show up and ruin everything.

  • Kendra Shaw

    How about something like snorkeling gear or some more things to do along the beach with your friends in the next update?

  • karinintuit

    ok I disagree with the new super cars are needed. I believe they should add a dlc that’s not high end, such as update some 2 car apartments so they can be nice yet cheap, also add realistic cars such as like a new Blista, not the compact or the one currently in the game but one that’s a van that could be based off of a 2014 honda odyssey, or a car that’s like a toyota corolla and economy cars that aren’t 100,000$. Maybe some clothes like jeans and tees or like some black and white canvas shoes for guys instead of all black. But I would just like to see an update that’s the opposite of high life lol

  • thatguyyouknow

    How about a submersible that can go deeper than the current one? Also, maybe Rockstar could add some missions and new locations of stuff to find down really deep. Otherwise it would be pretty uneventful to go down that far.

  • anon

    How about a world update to where you can travel around the world,also would like to be able to purchase clothes from stores like swallow and universal uniform pls and thank you!

  • trevor

    How about the graffitie pack would be fun for alot of people i think thdy should add it so i can grafitie places but the graffitie dont save when everyone leaves

  • Dusty

    Bring the wildlife online to hunt and be hunted by. Nothing like getting stranded in the ocean and having to deal with a shark or on a mountain and getting attacked by a mountain lion. I love that about story mode.
    A sport truck like the Ford Lightning, Ford Raptor, or Dodge Ram SRT.
    Movie Iconic Car Collection (at a premium price of course” like KITT from Knight Rider, 1977 Transam from Smokey and the bandit, Mad Max’s customized Ford Falcon, The Batmobile, The General Lee, The Delorean from Back to the future, and The Dark Knight Lamborghini Tank just to name a few.
    Of course these would need to be unlocked at higher ranks and cost a lot of money to make them more rare.
    Nitrous Upgrade from LS Customs and 4×4 lift kits with off road suspension.
    A cruise liner that we could get it and have access to many new areas inside it and that sailed around the ocean like the train goes around the map.
    Just a few ideas that Id like to see

  • spazattack95xboxgt

    I wanna be able to buy and sell drugs in the online world just as franklin buys weed from the clinic in story we should be able to buy aome new buds and bongs for our apartments yoo aim for the stoners, also killing rival drug lords would be hecka fun with mad money and drugs fallin out their dead pockets and into ours

  • dean

    a car that drives on water seems like a good idea, and a plane that takes off and land in the water too, the exist In real life just dunno what they are called and I think what truevip said about shared garage and stuff like a crew HQ is an awsome idea, so any member of the crew can put a car there, so even when my friend is offline the car is still available to me and themed updates are good ideas, but while we wait a double money weekend would be nice, I still havent bought any cars from the last 3 updates

  • dean

    they need to change something with the ls customs, rather than keep paying for all the bits for your car to see if you like it, you should be able to add all the mods and colours first and then if you like it pay for it all, because trying to figure out the 2 colours together, you have to pay for paint over and over, if you put your first colour on and then look for you second colour, youve already paid for the first colour then you might change you mind, so you should be able to do what ever you like to your car and just pay when you exit

  • Mr armstrong

    They should keep bringing out new themes. Wild west theme/military/0police/secret agent/movie tribute theme Etc. i want to see gun holsters, muscle cars, more mods for pre exsisting cars and a range of uniforms. Oh and outfits or characters from other rockstar games/and other gta games

  • truevip

    I had a list of things that would be awesome, doable, and fin. Things like crew hq building that offers a shared garage, helipad and runway depending on terrain. Could be upgradable, have activities like poker or air-hockey, and employ AI security and drivers like merryweather- and serve for crew wars so other crews could infiltrate for loot…

    also offroad suspensions, and 4wd conversions
    smoke bombs, and tranq darts for aggresive players online, emp bombs and proximity charges

    I would like to see the Dukes return.

    a v35 vtol combat aircraft, a v22 non combat osprey

    my list goes on and on. Find it in the R☆ support pages and give your blessing.

  • Ambush franco

    What they should do is make a drag racing cars dlc put more tunners and musles and more car customization all the customization from gta sa put into gta 5 those were the days

  • Old_Skool_Fool

    I’m old skool so i don’t play online. So i’d like things for story mode. I’d love the snow mod that Rockstar added last Christmas. I heard something about air strikes? They sound cool. The sea plane and sea copter idea sounds good too. Id like a cockpit view for the submarine and ability to listen to the radio in the sub too. Lots of new clothes, the ability to play basket ball, play pool, gang turf wars from San Andreas. And i would love love LOVE to be able to use GTA San Andreas’s soundtrack to GTAV. GTAV soundtrack is pretty poop. Oh and a hovercraft. =D

  • Ken Hook

    add the duke from gta IV

  • Collin Hicks

    we need sea planes and helicopters.. bring back the emergency role playing and even the 5 star military! the cops just get boring after 3 stars! I for one would love the return of the harrier and any kind of scuba gear brought to online. maybe bring in some ocean ships like military battle ships or subs (with weapons!) the updates are great like the new stunt jet but it has no weapons whats fun about that!

  • Kendra Shaw

    An update I would like to see would be a water/underwater update. It would include scuba gear like in story mode, more water (maybe underwater) missions, and maybe even something interesting like a seaplane for picking up friends/crew-mates, along with any other assortment of vehicles (amphibious cars perhaps?).

    • Chris

      Love the Seaplane idea

      • Kendra Shaw

        Thank you 🙂

        • Guy who reads articles

          If you read the actual article on Rockstar’s Newswire, you’d see that the Dodo Seaplane is being released on the next generation for returning players who already played GTA V on current-gen consoles. Along with the Dukes muscle car and other GTA classics… There will not be a Seaplane on current-gen…

  • David Guiod

    There should be more motorcycle clubs spread through out the map that you can join, making some CPUs on your side for any situation they are near you for, and some always gunning for you because your club association, all the while other online players can join the various clubs making them either your Allie or foe again by club association, thus creating foes and allies in any server you join allowing some immediate relevance to the free mode none mission part of the online game. Of course some interesting vs and co op missions that would go as exclusives for the different club association you have. Things like text alerts when members of your club is in trouble or wanted as well as markers for who is ally or foe on the free mode map would make this game worth playing that much more. Although I will also say rockstar does not get enough credit for this world they have created in the first place, I would think it’s hard to argue the price is not worth just the campaign alone not to mention the free online world they’ve created and no doubt been working as hard as they can to make promised things like heists happen. Also i want zombies cas it would be awesome, people who say it’s been over done can shut up, cas why the hell would it hurt ?

  • Richie-1975

    Heres an idea
    We get rid of all the modders, Hackers and glitchers, cheats in this game and give it the respect it deserves for once. Then everybody can have Fun “FAIRLY” thats Just my MHO ffs rickstar get more control over ur Public Lobbies OK

  • I want nothing from this game. I expect even less.

  • Will

    I think we need story mode DLC. I was thinking like a FIB DLC. You would play as Dave Norton and do all kinds of agency stuff. It’s just a dream though.

  • Jordan Sosnowski

    More tuner cars like the futo, maybe an r-34, supra, silvia, 240sx

    • Mecro

      Chrysler ME 4 12 O_O

    • Chris Jimenez

      Yeah a 2015 toyota supra would be sick.

    • Luke Heim

      Love this

  • Amblo2u

    An outdoors retailer, including backpacking gear and a cycling shop. There needs to be more done to integrate and support other cultures into GTAV Online. There’s car meets once in a while, but other activities to role play with would be interesting. That said, I think having places to meet and just sit and talk like coffee shops and music stores, but where there’s cover readily available in case a hostile decides to go ape-shit in public for no reason.

    Also, I think GTAV Online NEEDS GTAV’s car damage modeling/physics and graphics…so I’m hoping these are picked up on PS4/Xbone.

  • peeeeeeeettttee

    i think there’s a large MC community out there that would appreciate an awesome bikers update. crew cuts, long beards, mean choppers, MC logo templates on create an emblem in the social club. maybe property to buy.. like an awesome clubhouse with a shared garage and a small LSC mechanic shop connected

  • cc

    Or what about new high level jobs, there getting old. Im not talkimg about heist (although thatd be nice also.)

  • cc

    How about some crew events??

  • -_-

    I hate when misleading titles are used yo pull in readers. Its pathetic

    • -_-


  • computerzombie

    I would lve to see a complete overhaul with car customization. Drift kits, body kits, wheel camber, performance kits, etc.

  • generalkilleen

    Movie DLC! Have famous cars like The General Lee or the A-team Van
    Its perfect for Vinewood

  • blahblah65

    Personally, I and many others want emergency vehicles such as police cars.

    • Collin Hicks

      right! and wanna be able to actually use them and write tickets like the gta 4 mod!




    How about a way to invest your hard earned cash into the stock market (BAWSAQ)? That will allow us who are smart enough to invest wisely, to be able to afford a RHINO, BUZZARD or Adder without having to buy a shark card?

    Or how about making LifeInvader an interactive site?

    Or how about more than one strip club?

  • GTA_GAMER-99


  • Tj

    New guns and go into stores and buy cds for your car

  • edgar

    Maybe some new houses. And some new motor cycles and cars maybe a new truck

  • Gta5 gamer

    I would love to see some new muscle,classic,sports and super cars with the possibility to upgrade them more.With that i mean chrome colored car paint jobs for instance like red and green chrome,i think that looks really awesome.I also would love to see a kind of A-Team van brought into the online game so you can travel in style with a crew during a mission or just for fun in a public/invite only loby with friends.Don’t think we will see heists soon but i hope it soon will be possible to blew up atm’s and see more armored trucks spawning in public,invite only and solo lobby’s.