Mortal Kombat X Goro Fatalities, move list hype

We have some great news for Mortal Kombat fans now. We thought that we would get this information at a later date, but NetherRealm Studios has decided to surprise everyone over the weekend. We now have a solid Mortal Kombat X release date and the confirmation that Goro is going to be playable.

Those who are fans of the series know that this is a rarity indeed, as Goro has hardly been available as a playable character throughout the years, but more often as a sub-boss right before the game’s final boss.

He is going to be playable though with Mortal Kombat X, but you’ll have to pre-order the game if you want this luxury. We told you that the game will now release on April 14 2014 here – this could be a global release for Mortal Kombat X, or if not an April 17 launch in Europe.

It’s exciting to think about the potential Mortal Kombat X Goro fatalities on offer too, which we’re guessing NetherRealm are getting stuck into right now.

Considering that Goro hasn’t been playable for years, it will be interesting to see whether the character will have a completely different move set, or if NetherRealm will bring back some of his moves in which we saw when he was a boss.

He used to utilise a green fireball for example on older games, although in Mortal Kombat 4 this was changed to a red fireball. He also has a trademark stomp move similar to Sheeva and Kintaro, which we expect to see in Mortal Kombat X.

His grab and ground stomps will also return as well, as will his X-Ray move since he already had one when playing against him as a boss in Mortal Kombat 9. We’ve included a video below as a trip down memory lane for those that want to take another look at Goro.

We also expect that Goro will become available as a separate purchase after the game has launched, if they follow on with their similar DLC tactics with Mortal Kombat 9.

Are you definitely going to pre-order Mortal Kombat X to play as Goro? Give us your thoughts on his move list and fatality ideas below.



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