Minecraft PS4, Xbox One Vs PC graphics still no contest

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2014

Minecraft is now available on PS4 and Xbox One after a long wait and some anxious moments a few days ago regarding final testing. Inevitably though, we can see that the Minecraft PS4, Xbox One Vs PC graphics comparisons have already started, with PC users keen to demonstrate that next-gen consoles are still miles behind PC.

We are very happy that Minecraft is now available to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but those playing on PC are always going to get the best experience thanks to Minecraft mods.

Now we can already see a prime example of this, as one user has taken it upon himself to boast about the PC version’s graphics compared to the next-gen consoles which doesn’t look as stylish in comparison.

The main reason for this, is that PC users have the lovely option to mod their game meaning that just like games such as Skyrim – they can improve the graphics to their heart’s content.

One video which we have included below shows the extent of this, giving you examples of the same map on next-gen versions looking even better on the PC version.

Obviously this is just another excuse to boast why many feel PC is still superior to next-gen consoles, but it does give Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One players reason to perhaps demand nicer graphics from 4J Studio in the future with some new texture updates.

What are your thoughts on the graphic differences between the two versions? Do you wish that Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One had mod support to compete with PC, or are you satisfied with the base version and accept that just like Skyrim, console mods are never going to happen?

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  • LebronJames

    Pc is modded, WHY YOU ALLWAYS LYIN’

  • Ultra_Mario

    Plus the PC vs console graphics comparison is a fake, whoever did the PC did it with texture packs

  • Ultra_Mario

    I like Xbox Better. It lags less and has better graphics than the rest of the platformers!

  • Marsha99XD

    Only fact you need is console version massively outselling PC version.
    Don’t believe mne? Just google it n00bs

    • Kevin Phan

      yeah, cuz everyones rebuying the game twice on console. Peasant.

  • TheEpicGaming201

    hey you have my skin nice

    • LebronJames

      Dude. Stop lying. Nobody likes liars…

  • Really?

    This is the first time I have seen article scrutinising graphics in Minecraft. Those interested in graphics would be best served by skipping Minecraft altogether. Wouldn’t the graphics look the same on a C64?

  • Daniel evans

    i agree with Anthony, turn all the mods off and the game will look the same. ill tell you one thing, i really cant believe this game has been compared lol. im left wondering if mods could actually come to ps4 in the same way that pc mods were available in the ps3 version of unreal tornament 3, which was very intresting at the time. theres no way this game pushes the consoles hardware so hopefully they look into the idea of mods on ps4 xD

  • Anthony David Schultz

    Turn the shaders any opt fine mod for the PC and you’re left the same game graphically I agree that the PC version is ahead feature wise twitter and twich support differences in red stone and different items but it’s the same base game never less so it’s really up to the user I play both and I don’t see any difference graphically without graphics mods such as shaders to get that effect in the video above