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Minecraft PE OpenGL 2.0 update in 0.11

Official updates this week from one of the Mojang Team reveals the latest progress for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This information makes it clear that the Minecraft PE OpenGL 2.0 update will arrive in version 0.11, at the earliest, and this supports the news about 0.10 not including new features when it releases in September.

We have embedded a couple of the tweets from Tommaso Checchi on this page that point to OpenGL 2.0 being almost finished, other than a few tiny bugs. The developer will work with the team on new features now OpenGL 2.0 has been ported.

The latest Minecraft PE screenshot with OpenGL 2.0 can be seen below this article, although it looks almost the same with a few “subtle differences”.

We’ll update our readers once the Minecraft PE 0.10 update is live, and of course if we get a timeframe on 0.11 and what new features will be included in the latter version.



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