Destiny US, UK release time early for servers

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2014

Do you have your copy of Destiny ready to play? It has been a long time in the making, but we can finally say that Destiny launch week has arrived. We recently told you that the servers would go live on September 9 but we wanted to give you a quick heads-up in saying that you’ll actually be able to start playing earlier on September 8.

We now have word that the Destiny release time in terms of when the Destiny servers will go live, will actually be on September 8. Bungie is well aware that many gamers have obtained their copies early, not to mention the press who also are waiting to play the game to start writing reviews.

Now, we can tell you that the Destiny servers will go live on Monday September 8 at 12pm UK time. This means that in the US, this will relate to a time of 7am Eastern Time or 4am Pacific Time.

Remember that this is not the game launch time – only the servers for those that already have their copy waiting. It essentially means that Bungie are not going to punish anyone for playing early and it’s great to see considering that other publishers have issued bans in a similar manner in the past.

So if you are sitting reading this, dying to play Destiny but afraid you will be banned as it’s not Tuesday yet, rest assured you can start playing later on Monday at the times listed above.

Let us know if you already have your copy and how excited you are to start playing. Any last words for Activision, Bungie on the game?

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  • Adoom

    Got my PS4 destiny copy in the post an hour ago, It’s 12:13 the servers are not up.So servers must be up up at 13:00 BST not GMT ,The update file is only a few hundred MB so no waiting to play once you get your copy. 😀

  • DestinedToFail

    It is no so much that other devs “punish” those who unethically obtain early copies, it is more that the vast majority of honest suckers like me who get it from officail retailers are NOT “punished” by being behind the eight ball when we start playing. I think this move from Bungie stinks. I hope it is not a sign of things to come. Like deciding to be forgiving for cheaters and hackers, too. Personally, I cannot see the difference. Basically, those people who have got illegal early copies will level up quicker than suckers who waited. Under this thinking, Bungie will not want to punish poor little hackers either. And remember, the guys who get early access (through dodgy copies) are also more likely to be the dudes who hack and cheat in online games. I just hope it is not hacked to pieces by the time I get to play Tuesday night…as hackers will have the place to themselves for over 24 hours by then. This is made all the more stupid as they are making reviewers wait even longer, while allowing hackers on first. Looks like they made a good game but it seems they are not too smart when it comes to protecting the integrity of the game. I will be returning my copy if jerks like the Lizard Squad have already brought the servers down on or before day 1 as they will allowed access on day -1. It’s a shame as I have really been looking forward to this game. Also, if they are going to let dishonest people play early – why can’t they just release the game earlier?

    • Cursling

      I’m getting early access to the game and that’s through buying my copy from the Xbox live store, the servers are being launched early due to people like me who installed their legally bought copies as digital downloads from console stores and the reviewers who’ve received copies, chill out dude its not being released to the hackers, its almost like a stress test, let the first wave in check the servers run correctly, missions aren’t bugged etc. So its ready for players like you who get in a few hours later..

      • Alan Freddi Evans

        Servers go live for people who have the disk already mainly reviewers. I bought mine on xbox live store aswel but you only download 17gb out of 40gb Microsoft do not open the rest of it until midnight

      • PANDOROX

        funny thing is , they haven’t launched>