EA logic with Neymar, Di Maria, Xavi FIFA 15 ratings

EA has been creating a very healthy debate indeed with regards to the FIFA 15 rating. The developer has been counting down to the top 50 players on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and now we know the official rating for the likes of Neymar, Di Maria, Xavi and Marco Reus.

Once again though, there are going to be some questions asked as to whether the ratings really relate to real-life performance for the player’s respective teams.

For example, Neymar has been given a rating of 86 on FIFA 15, which is a +2 upgrade from his base FIFA 14 rating. Xavi on the other hand is also an 86, but many players believe that he should be lower than an 86 especially given his age and the fact that it doesn’t seem logical that he has the same rating as Neymar who had an amazing season for Barcelona.

Di Maria is also an 86, which retains his rating from FIFA 15, likewise for Marco Reus who is also an 86. Sergio Aguero has been downgraded however which some players are calling unfair and also question why Mesut Ozil is an 86 – the same rating as players such as Neymar and Thomas Muller.

Now EA are down to the top 20 players and we will find out numbers 20-11 at 5pm UK time on Saturday. We are certain to be in for more surprises so give us your reaction to the latest ratings.

Are you surprised that Neymar, Di Maria and Xavi are all at an 86? Should Rooney be an 86 or lower?



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