WOW cable down, internet not working across US

- Sep 4, 2014

There is currently a WOW cable outage across the United States, the phone and broadband internet service is not working in many areas and from what we can tell, WOW has been down for at least 2 hours today. The internet service was known previously as WideOpenWest Networks.

The official website can be found at, although there’s no mention of today’s outage online at their website. You will find responses to problems with WOW cable on the official Twitter account, which includes the tweet below explaining the “internet keeps going” down and the stability needs fixing.


Are you a WOW internet customer and if so, are you having problems accessing their services today? We’ve already received some feedback from Product Reviews readers in regard to locations accords the USA where WOW, aka WideOpenWest Networks”, is currently down or having problems. One forum had over 200 people confirm problems within the last 2 hours.

We’ve heard about no WOW Internet in Sterling Heights, Canton, Huntington Woods, Mason, and Northville. One of our readers said, “It has been crazy how much their internet has been down over the past 2 months. I remember recommending WOW to everyone thanks to it being so reliable, but that will stop now”.

After hearing about these issues, we’ve reached out to WOW for comment. We’ve also asked about the recent claims of problems increasing, so while we wait for a response please leave a comment below if you are a customer.

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  • Jasmin MD

    Actually I have had intermittent internet issues since I’ve been hooked back up when I finally moved back to an area that has WOW. 🙁

  • Jasmin MD

    Up and down since yesterday Berkley, MI

  • Khyron

    Down since Saturday night in Wayne Michigan. Been problems on weekends for months now.

  • Down in Northville

    Internet and video service has been down all day today, was down last night, was down all day the day before! Missing all the sporting events and can’t do any Internet work either! Frustrating is an understatement!

  • Mary

    No phone, cable or internet since Friday night in Warren Michigan. No one seems to have an answer. This is very frustrating!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Beasley

    No Internet in Charlotte either, and when you rely on it to do buisness, it costing us $$$$$

  • R Z

    I think a rebate for the days without service is in order.

  • R Z

    Thank god for smartphones. In Beverly Hills,MI all services that WOW provides are currently down and have been since 8:00ish this morning. Phone based customer support is less than helpful with only a recorded message and no indication of when service is likely to be restored. Again thank god for smartphones that can be tethered and provide a limited alternative, and over the air TV.

  • aj from fl

    crappiest internet ive ever had and its 2014 lol


    No TV or Internet in Taylor Mi

  • Jason

    No internet in Grand Ledge, MI.

  • bear

    No internet in Eastpointe. We don’t have cable, as roku, hulu, netflix and amazon prime costs much less than Wow cable. A call to Wow gave us a recorded message stating internet and cable are both out for all of Michigan. The recording also said they have no time frame for when service will be working again.

  • Dieti

    Internet has been iffy for two months. Can’t get to a website, then a few minutes later you can, etc. They told us it was our router. Had a new one installed last week and have had to reset the new one three times. This morning just before 7am everything went down. Internet is now back up for us, but cable is still out.

  • Jill Perez

    Just talked to customer service. They said all of Michigan is without service. The reps are being told to tell their customers it could be up to two days before service is restored.

  • Exie Buehler

    WOW internet out in Westland too. So much for getting any work done.

  • George

    No Internet this morning, in Madison Heights, MI, since 8:00am, or earlier. Calls to customer service number gets nothing but dead silence – no ringing, not even a busy signal! So glad for my smart phone!

  • Wendy Justice

    I’m in Troy, MI. I cannot even get thru on customer service ph#, getting generic msg stating, the cellular number you’ve dialed is out of service. Please try again later. Yet, I spoke to a live rep last night who took a visa pmt of $195 just fine. No service at all, not happy at all!!!!!!!!!!!