Rio Ferdinand still thinks he’s god on FIFA 15

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2014

It looks like gamers were not the only ones who were unhappy with the release of EA’s official FIFA 15 ratings just hours ago. Now, EA has revealed a video showing some of the actual player reactions to the rating, Rio Ferdinand, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and Man City’s Samir Nasri to name a few.

There’s a lot of humor involved but it has kickstarted the debate once again on EA’s ratings being rather controversial with many players believing that EA has actually got it wrong on many occasions.

Only earlier we spoke about the surprise when Mata was given an official rating of 85, ahead of Cesc Fabregas who despite his amazing start to the season for Chelsea has been downgraded to an 84.

EA are once again due to reveal the next wave of FIFA 15 ratings at 5pm UK time from 40-31 and we have a feeling that there is definitely going to be some surprises.

One player who definitely won’t be on the 40-31 list is Rio Ferdinand who has had something to say to EA about his rating. Whilst it hasn’t been revealed yet, there’s rumors suggesting that Ferdinand has had a massive downgrade to 74 from 83 which he was rated on FIFA 15.

The video below is very funny though, with Rio Ferdinand taking it in good humor, all in the aid of that favorite word that UK football fans love to use anywhere and everywhere on social media – banter.

There’s also some comments from Eden Hazard and Nasri who are not happy with their FIFA ratings either. Both players could be on the 40-31 list though, so we shall see in a few hours.

What do you make of Ferdinand’s comments in the video? It’s obviously in humor, but would you agree that his 83 rating could never stay for FIFA 15?

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