PSN is down again, users say not working

- Sep 5, 2014

It looks like Sony PSN is down again today, which is according to users reporting the sign in isn’t working and brings up a number of errors on PS4 and PS3. One such error displays a code, NP-35000-8, and while we have seen this before the status page isn’t reporting problems right now.

Sony has hard a hard time of late thanks to hackers, although the issues taking place in the last hour are not believed to be hacker related and most likely will be the cause of a slight glitch with servers.


We are seeing tweets arrive every few seconds on Twitter claiming PSN is down right now, on September 4th. While we haven’t had time to confirm if this is correct, or if this involves just the USA and UK, we feel the tweets speak for themselves.

Are you having problems connecting to PSN today and if so, what country and location are you in? It will also be helpful if you comment with your system, so PS4 or PS3. We’ll update our readers if Sony offers a status update soon.

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  • Clark Kent

    Iv had problems for a week with psn write everything in then justs keeps saying loading for like hours what’s going on

  • Jack

    Old faithful xbox live just goes on working great! Poor ponies..

  • susan fuson

    Play online

  • susan fuson

    I can’t okay with others online right now it’s starting to get me aggravated don’t understand what is going on its been acting up for like three days now what is going on when will it work again?

  • Mackem

    Back up and running now in UK.

  • Guest

    lol @ demanding refunds from Sony….”We’re a bit short right now, but would you accept shares of junk stock instead?”

  • Mossman1221

    What little Warframe time I have is being ate up because of the massive Minecraft downloading? Bummer.

  • Select

    PS4 network down in uk. I now have nothing to do tonight accept set myself on fire. Hope you are happy Sony

  • LUckypenis

    PS4 down at bahamas freeport since 8am

  • SirGamesAlot

    PS4 down at 12:22 in California, United States

  • LuckShot

    It’s down for maintenance says my home screen. So definitely not hacker related. Although I’m sure the surge of Minecraft downloads has something to do with it lol! I’m in TN, United States. 2:20pm here as of this post.

    • Ippoletta

      It said the same thing back in 2011 and the same thing while getting DDOSed. it’s not maintenance.

  • Stig7580

    12 controllers wow WTF are you doing with them?

  • Jezze Xamez

    New Jersey no good here getting really old what the hell did I pay over 500 bucks for so I could have a pretty paper weight. WTG psn

  • Andre A Silvestri Sr.

    Wow just wow i mean u issue bad r2 l2 controllers cause im on my 12th controller from the r2 buttons and now everytime i turn on my ps4 its down just wow im dissapointn n whos doing this and sony this is just ridiculous

    • Jesse Krupnick

      Not one person believes you bought 12 controllers and broke them all…

  • Emanuel64

    They are updating the network because of the launch of Minecraft ps4 edition, and they know there is going to be a lot of traffic for it so they probably want to secure things so it doesn’t cause a massive failure. Beats going down all day an not be able to download nothing.

    • Ippoletta

      They would have said so. this is just another “hiccup” in their faulty online service.

    • Jesse Krupnick

      derp it HAS been down all day do you even know how psn updates work? They do not interupt service.

  • Ron

    Anyone thinking this is maintenance will be wrong, PSN has been down around 20 minutes for me and it came without warning. On PS4 in London, UK.