Minecraft Xbox One live with upgrade, transfer guide

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2014

Minecraft PS4 is now available both in Europe and US and we’re pleased to say that Microsoft has not wasted any time either. We were expecting the Minecraft Xbox One Edition on Friday, but it has gone live early and we have a quick heads-up on Minecraft Xbox One upgrades and transferring worlds from the Xbox 360 edition.

Microsoft had initially said that the game would be out on Friday but we’re guessing that the excitement regarding the PS4 version going live has forced Microsoft to get the game out ahead of schedule.

Either way, it’s win win for the gamer and it’s going to be a great weekend for most of you. In celebration of the launch, Microsoft has just released a great video giving Xbox 360 users a heads-up on how to upgrade to the Xbox One edition of the game for $5 and how to transfer data over to the new version too.

As we’ve told you many times, you’ll be able to transfer your saved worlds from Xbox 360, directly into the Xbox One version and Microsoft shows you exactly how easy this is.

The process only takes a few moments and you’ll only be able to transfer one saved world at a time. It looks as seamless as it possibly could be though so hats off to Microsoft for making this available instantly at launch.

Are you downloading Microsoft Xbox One Edition right now? Let us know if you have had any early problems transferring data from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

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  • krlc

    We downloaded Minecraft for the Xbox One last night and transferred a couple of world saves from the 360. The only problem we experienced was that my daughter’s save data didn’t transfer (experience, inventory, etc.). I’m guessing this is because she doesn’t own her own copy of the game…? Does anyone have any good information on this?

    • Halofreak1990

      I have the same issue; I transferred my save from my Xbox 360 to my Xbox One, but I no longer have my inventory or location. In fact, I spawned in the location where my brother last played in that world. I’m the owner of both copies, so this is definitely an issue,

  • Bill Shakespeare

    Downloaded Minecraft XB1 last night and transferred 2 of my 5 xbox 360 worlds. While the actual transfer process was cake *the game world of both transferred maps is the EXACT same size as the game world of the xbox 360 version.*

    When creating a NEW world in the XB1 version, the game gives you the option to set the world size from ‘classic’ to ‘large.’ When launching the transferred worlds, the option is no longer available.

    I sincerely hope I’m just missing something REALLY SIMPLE and that I feel like an idiot soon, but as things currently stand it seems to me to have been completely pointless to transfer the worlds if they only get better draw distance. All of the talk leading up to release indicated that making the 360 worlds bigger was going to be the outcome.