Minecraft Xbox One live with upgrade, transfer guide

Minecraft PS4 is now available both in Europe and US and we’re pleased to say that Microsoft has not wasted any time either. We were expecting the Minecraft Xbox One Edition on Friday, but it has gone live early and we have a quick heads-up on Minecraft Xbox One upgrades and transferring worlds from the Xbox 360 edition.

Microsoft had initially said that the game would be out on Friday but we’re guessing that the excitement regarding the PS4 version going live has forced Microsoft to get the game out ahead of schedule.

Either way, it’s win win for the gamer and it’s going to be a great weekend for most of you. In celebration of the launch, Microsoft has just released a great video giving Xbox 360 users a heads-up on how to upgrade to the Xbox One edition of the game for $5 and how to transfer data over to the new version too.

As we’ve told you many times, you’ll be able to transfer your saved worlds from Xbox 360, directly into the Xbox One version and Microsoft shows you exactly how easy this is.

The process only takes a few moments and you’ll only be able to transfer one saved world at a time. It looks as seamless as it possibly could be though so hats off to Microsoft for making this available instantly at launch.

Are you downloading Microsoft Xbox One Edition right now? Let us know if you have had any early problems transferring data from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.



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