Minecraft PS4 purchase problems confirmed

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 4, 2014

Update: Sony has confirmed that users are having problems with Minecraft PS4 pricing, purchasing and downloading the game on the latest Sony console.

Those of you trying to download Minecraft on your PS4 and wondering if there’s problems with being able to purchase, the servers, and other issues should check the PSN status right now. The reason you won’t be able to download Minecraft will be due to sign in problems on PS4 and PS3 today, although we don’t think this is related to any PSN maintenance today.

There’s been issues for the last 40 minutes with PSN going down, although we are not sure if this is related to just the UK, US, or many other countries as well.


We heard from some of Product Reviews readers in relation to finding the Minecraft download not working on PS4, and we’ve also seen a number of people contacting official PlayStation social channels as well to find out what’s going on today.

Are you able to download Minecraft on PS4 right now without problems? It is clear a number people cannot after not being able to sign in, and this is seen in the tweets above. We’ve reached out to Sony Entertainment for comment.

Update: We’ve heard from some of our readers about a “Minecraft PS4 Purchase Error”, and they inform us they managed to pay for the download and the money got taken out of their online wallet.

The official Ask PlayStation channel has confirmed these problems with Minecraft, as seen above.

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  • Shellll

    No downloads haven’t been working for hours now. But I can sign into ps4 with no problems. I’ve been playing minecraft all day. Guess I was lucky I got it early. Hopefully sony will improve the servers pretty sharpish.