GTA V Online problems with modders

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2014

It looks like despite Rockstar’s continued efforts, there are still some players out there who continue to play GTA Online, just to make other player’s experiences a misery. We’ve had reports come in this week suggesting that modders have found some new dirty tricks which can even kick players out of some servers.

As far as we’re aware, Rockstar is yet to issue a statement on this but you can bet that if it becomes widespread, it will be one of the planned fixes when the GTA V 1.17 update arrives.

We have seen evidence of this on our own sessions and a quick dig around on YouTube suggests that others have encountered the same problems as well. One video has been uploaded by GTA V community member iCrazyTeddy who also discusses the problem with GTA V modders kicking other players from GTA V Online servers.

Many players have taken a break from online until Rockstar delivers GTA V Heists, but for those that are still playing on a daily basis, how bad is it getting online when encountering GTA V cheats and hackers?

Keep an eye out on Rockstar’s support pages in case a hot fix goes live, but we’ll update this once we gather more information. Let us know if you are still seeing players who are modding online and if you or your friends have been removed from a session for no reason.

Is it just as bad as when DNS servers were around or not?

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  • RebelMind

    The modders are annoying. I only encountered 2 modders since the last update, and the first modder I became friends with, and drove passenger in his personal vehicle as we flew through the air. Second Modder I encountered was just speed running around the map blowing people up, but I’m not sure if I ever was kicked from a session by a hacker. Besides that there’s very little exploits or glitches left for us non modders to do, which make me very angry because ever since 2001 with Gtalll, the only thing that made it really fun in the first place was the damn cheats

  • Ricky Shaffer

    They need the hotknife, and the rest of the whole updates to be purchased again it wasnt fair for me and other people that purchased the game after christmas I missed the santa face and by the way wheres the”SNOW”