EA says Juan Mata better than Fabregas on FIFA 15

As most of you will be well aware by now, EA has now revealed the first FIFA 15 ratings with 50 down to 41. More are expected to be revealed on Thursday, but the biggest talking point that we can see is the fact that Juan Mata has been given a higher rating than Cesc Fabregas.

We can tell you that Juan Mata is going to be an 85 on FIFA 15 and Cesc Fabregas is going to be an 84. This is actually downgrades for both players since Mata was an 87 on FIFA 14, while Fabregas was an 86 at Barcelona.

Now EA has obviously decided that both players have not had good seasons with Manchester United and Barcelona, but the new FIFA 15 ratings are what is getting everyone frustrated from what we can see.

If you have watched the opening to the Premier League season so far, there would be no complaints in saying that Cesc Fabregas has been a far better player than Juan Mata so far.


EA are obviously basing their decision on other criteria though and it’s going to be interesting to see what other surprises are in store once the FIFA 15 40-31 ratings are revealed later on Thursday.

Are you also surprised that Juan Mata is rated higher than Fabregas on FIFA 15 or not?



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