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Somebody app not for Android

There is yet another new social app that is becoming the talk of the town and it’s called the Somebody app for iPhone. It has been created by actress and director Miranda July, but unfortunately the Somebody Android app download is not available again.

This is another big app that has only launched on iPhone for now. Perhaps even worse is the fact that there has been no information on the official Somebody Twitter page regarding an Android release as we’re willing to bet that there are thousands of Android users out there, who are also currently looking for their Someone to rely on.

We can prove this by just taking a brief look on social media and inputting Somebody as a keyword, take a look at the responses that we received back immediately.

There seems to be a dangerous pattern emerging this year where app developers are just favoring iOS releases first, then making their decision to build on Android afterwards after they have gaged public reaction.

This could be a similar case to Somebody, as there doesn’t even appear to be a remote timeline on when Somebody for Android will be available – before the end of the month, or before the end of the year for that matter.

Hopefully there’s a happy ending to this as the app has a wonderful concept that should be enjoyed by all at the same time, regardless of mobile platform exclusivity. We’ve just seen investment app Acorns follow the same trend with releasing on iOS first and leaving Android users out in the cold.

Are you waiting to use Somebody on Android too? Give us your thoughts below.



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