Minecraft PS4 release time countdown

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2014

We told you recently that Minecraft on PS4 had been delayed after 4J Studios revealed that the game had initially failed its testing with Sony certification. Now though, we could have a big surprise for you as new information appears to suggest that the Minecraft PS4 release time could be coming within hours!

We thought that the game may take longer to release after the bad news, but thankfully it doesn’t appear to be the case. PlayStation France have sent out a Tweet confirming that the digital version of Minecraft on PS4 will be available to download sometime on Wednesday.

The physical disc copy of the game however is going to take longer, but it’s fantastic news for those that are planning to take advantage of the $5 upgrade offer after already playing the digital Minecraft PS3 Edition.

Sadly, we don’t have a set release time, but it looks like it could come at any moment. Given that the Tweet has come from PlayStation Europe, don’t be surprised if the game launches to suit a time that is convenient for those in Europe.

We have heard no similar information with regards to the PlayStation US Twitter. We are assuming that many of you are opting for the digital version anyway so it’s exciting to think that Minecraft on PS4 could finally be here within hours after such a long wait.

What has happened to the Minecraft Xbox One release date in the meantime? Hopefully we can bring you some updated information soon. The countdown is definitely on though – let us know if you are going for the $5 upgrade.

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  • Buster

    xbox FTW!!!!

  • aawells07

    Minecraft Xbox One is this Friday already confirmed.

  • Israel Lopez

    Minecraft for xbox one is coming out first.

    • Jesse Waldron

      No it isn’t Lopez. dream on

      • Israel Lopez

        Really? Tell me the Ps4’s release date. Xbox One gets it tomorrow at midnight.