Minecraft PS4 download live in EU, not US

We can bring you an update on the Minecraft PS4 situation now as just as we told you earlier in the day, the Minecraft PS4 download is now live. However, it’s only live if you are in Europe as we can see that the Minecraft US release is still not live.

We’re not sure what the hold-up is either given that it’s already finished and passed Sony’s certification – the issue that held up the intended release last week.

We are downloading our version right now though in Europe so hopefully Sony will be able to follow suit for US gamers through the early hours of the morning – we’re assuming most of you will be staying up to see it go live.

Just the thought of many of you in the US, currently with the PS Store opened and your search term currently at ‘Mine’ waiting for it to refresh must be amusing to some – so painful to others though.

Sony US hasn’t given an indication on when the exact download time in the US will be, but there will be some unhappy gamers out there for sure if it’s not out soon considering European and UK PS4 owners will be downloading and playing right now.

Are you in the same boat at the moment, waiting for that precious US store to refresh with the download? Let us know your thoughts on the fact that Europe actually received something first before US for once – how does it feel?



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