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Cartoon HD back up, working suddenly

At the time of writing, it looks like one of the biggest apps of 2014 is back up. Cartoon HD is arguably one of the most infamous apps of 2014 for the wrong reasons but within the last 24 hours we can see that the Cartoon HD app is back up with new movies.

We’re not entirely sure why Cartoon HD is back up all of a sudden, but the app is definitely working again and even lists new movies. Heading to however remains a problem as the website still states that ‘Cartoon HD’ is closed forever, meaning that the Cartoon HD download link is still off limits.

A quick search on Twitter though tells you all you need to know as eagle-eyed users have also discovered that their app is suddenly working again.

There’s also no activity on the official GAppCenter Twitter page, as the last message remains on July 19 when the creator labelled Cartoon HD a ‘stupid app’ and advised users to delete.

Enjoy it while it lasts we say, as Cartoon HD could be down again at any moment. Let us know if your app is working again within the last 24 hours in your area.



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