1TB Xbox One for COD Advanced Warfare unleashed

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2014

Those who pay no attention to the hate and still love the COD franchise through and through should be aware that there is going to be an Xbox One COD Advanced Warfare Limited Edition console bundle.

The design looks gorgeous as well and the big selling point aside from the design is the fact that it’s going to come with 1TB of storage space. That’s right, Microsoft will be offering a 1TB console on November 3 and it’s going to cost gamers $499 for those that want to add another limited edition collectible to their collection.

The price may be a little high for some of you but let’s not forget that this was the price of the first Xbox One console that launched with Kinect. This package however offers double the memory and some very nice extras too – including a copy of the digital COD Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition which offers 24 hours early access compared to the standard launch of the game.

The console also includes a themed controller and sound effects for the console itself which sound very appealing. Microsoft and Sledgehammer have offered a preview video giving you a full heads-up on what to expect from this console for anyone prepared to put an order in.

We absolutely love the design of this Xbox One and we have a feeling that units are going to sell out very fast. It also makes us want to see more customized PS4 consoles, so hopefully Sony will take a look at this and cater to their fans as well in due course.

Are you considering to buy this for $499? It could have been priced a lot higher in our opinion, so it’s decent pricing considering it’s very unique and comes with the $60 Day Zero Edition of the game on top.

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  • Josh101

    I want another Call of Duty WWI and WWII on the new consoles. Call duty: A.W. and Titanfall basically fall in the steps of Killzone. So, to me, they’re old to me before they even come out.

  • DarkvLight

    You will not see a CoD themed PS4 as it is more of an Xbone IP (timed exclusive DLC etc). As you will not see a Destiny themed Xbone as it more of a PS4 IP (exclusive content etc).
    Personally I think CoD is on the way down and Destiny is on the way up – you can see it in the desperate changes CoD have made to the game. Yet another bad move from Xbone and good move from Sony. Except the white PS4 is only 500GB, so I would have to give that part of it to MS.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Destiny reviews won’t be live before launch…. I guess Activision is trying to hide how shallow the game is? All reports point to the Beta being 33% of the games content! And, seeing that Bungie is capping players at level 20…. well, is there much of a game to play after a weekend?

  • Luke Barber

    I’m getting it, already traded my xbox 360 to preorder it.

    • SharkJumper

      Wow. I would love a TB in my PS4, but an Xbone and the new CoD? Not so much. Each to their own, I guess. At least Sledgehammer listened all those haters who say CoD is always just the same every year and changed the the whole experience – double jumps, laser guns and invisibility…really? The question remains will the extra sales from some CoD haters compensate for guys like me who will NOT buy it because they have moved so far from the core game? It will be interesting to see play out. I have Destiny as my sci-fi shooter, which I think is far wiser as the new CoD is a game trying to mimic Halo, whereas Destiny is a new IP from the same guys that Halo so good, that even CoD has abandoned it traditional gameplay and is trying to copy it.
      CoD has “jumped the shark” IMHO, but I could be wrong. Bring on BF Hardline, I say.