PS4 1.76 update is trivial

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 2, 2014

The PlayStation 4 1.76 firmware update is live and it looks like you won’t be getting any new features until the next major 2.0 version. This is thanks to the PS4 1.76 update that went live today only including stability improvements, once again like many of the previous release notes reveal.

Sony has a massive load of features planned for the 2.0 firmware, so we have a lot to look forward to. In fact, we mentioned recently that we didn’t expect any new system software until version 2.0, so it doesn’t surprise us that this firmware is only for performance improvements.


We are still yet to see the official Sony firmware page for PS4 receive 1.76 update notes, although they should release at some point today. For now, you can see a screenshot below this article with exactly what is included.

Are you bothered if this update doesn’t do much other than improve system stability? If you notice any hidden features, then leave a comment below.

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