Minecraft 1.8 update patch notes live

We told you that the Minecraft 1.8 update was coming and now we are pleased to share that it has now in fact gone live. Mojang’s Minecraft 1.8 servers are now officially open after a long wait and we have a quick reminder for those gamers who are now looking for the Minecraft 1.8 notes to see what is new.

We told you that the update would be going live on September 2 here, as Mojang already revealed the pre-release notes in a teaser patch. Now though, the full update is available via the launcher and Mojang reminds everyone that the update should be available automatically the next time you start playing.

As you can imagine, there are massive changes to the game, including a complete rebalance to Villager trading and Anvil repairing. There’s also Granite, Andesite, and Diorite stone blocks, and also guardian mobs with item drops.

You can check out the full Minecraft 1.8 patch notes here for a full debriefing. Remember that Mojang has also set up a cross-platform server jar Minecraft 1.8 download link here for those that need that.

Expect to see plenty of Minecraft 1.8 bugs as standard with any new update, but hopefully Mojang has kept them to a minimal this time around. Enjoy the new update and let us know your experiences so far below – is this the most stable Minecraft update yet, or the worst?



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