Ask PlayStation on PSN store update time

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 2, 2014

The official Ask PlayStation account on Twitter has offered some insight into the PSN store update time today, which is especially important considering Tuesday is when the PS Plus September 2014 update arrives in the United States. The US release time is given within a support document that users are being directed to within tweets.

After one PlayStation Plus subscriber asked when does the US PSN Store update, the tweet below was given in response from one of the team. You can see a link within that tweet that takes you to further information about the SEN Online Store.


Sadly, you won’t find an exact PSN Store update time for either the UK, or US stores. The link above takes you to a question and answers page, which features one question stating, “When will the online store be updated?”. The answer offers a vague window that in a nutshell details anywhere from 9am to 7pm PST.

We know the PS Plus update time for September should arrive in a smaller window than this, so feel free to offer your insight from past updates in the comments. The fact is the times do change month to month and this is why they won’t offer an exact update time. When do you normally see the PSN store update, leave the time and your location in the comments below? More details on this months free games can be seen within another article.

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  • Andy

    genuinely surprised at the amount people moan about PS+, It’s under £40 so less
    than the cost of a AAA game, it’s less than £3.30 a month, for that price I
    only need the odd gem, to be honest Uncharted and Gravtiy Rush covered me for
    one year, everything else was a bonus. I have the advantage of having a PS3,
    Vita and PS4 so I get the max games but
    I’m really not sure people are putting it in perspective.

  • AVJ

    PS Plus is getting worst and worst month by month. Especially the PS4 line-up. Is it because Sony feels the PS4 is a runaway success and customers deserves less?