Acorns Android app release date demand

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2014

One of the most popular apps that has just been released is the Acorns app for iPhone. It’s an investment saving app that is taking social media by storm but unfortunately it’s yet another high profile app release that isn’t available on Android yet.

Acorns is getting a lot of attention at the moment, thanks to it’s modern and slick approach to investment – a problem that affects many consumers who have difficulty in getting a savings program started up.

Now Acorns are offering to do the job for you, by claiming to be the “first mobile investment application that lets you open your own investment account on your phone in a few seconds”.

The introduction video is very pretty and you can watch it below. On a more pressing matter though, Android owners have once again been horrified to discover that the app has only launched on iPhone.

On the status of when the Android version is coming, where is what the developers of the app have said on their Facebook page just hours ago:

“Android beta will be starting within a few weeks. Expect a message soon if you’re on the Android wait list.”

Hopefully that translates to an Acorns Android app release date launching before the end of September. The developers are obviously aware of the Android demand so we don’t think it is time to panic just yet.

How impressed are you with Acorns so far though? You can find out a lot more information on the official website here. Is it something you are willing to try out once it finally comes to Android?

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  • Jack

    I am most certainly not impressed. The fees are outrageous. The monthly fee of a dollar looks okay first, but when it is coupled with the “annual” fee (or should I say monthly fee, since it is taken out of your account monthly) the fees will add up to tremendous amounts over the long run. On a monthly basis, the app charges you 0.50% divided by 12 on your total assets under management (under $5000) or 0.25%/12 on every dollar over $5000. I’m not sure how acorns can claim they have low fees when they are robbing customers blind… You might be better off using a free service through wisebanyan

    • Denny

      That’s not a lot. For every 50 dollars it’s only a quarter man. It’s not 50%. It’s .50% meaning (.0050%)(x amount). So Users will lose a dollar and a quarter every month if said users have under 5000$ in their Acorns account. If anything, it’s at least a savings account that’s useful for young people because of the round-up spare change features. It’s simple, tasteful, and very advantageous to many.