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Sept Xbox Games with Gold update is live

Update: This is just to let our readers know the games are now live and the official online page has updated as well. You can go and download the Xbox Games with Gold for September right now.

The Xbox Games with Gold September 1st update has arrived with the release time now in focus thanks to this varying by region, and of course slightly changing each month. The Sept 1st free games will see Super Time Force replace Strike Suit Zero on Xbox One, although we still see the latter game featured on the official Xbox Games with Gold page, so it’s clear the release time hasn’t yet arrived today.

Xbox One owners will also get to continue enjoying Crimson Dragon, even though this caused quite the debate thanks to it not being a new game like most people would have liked.


If you own an Xbox 360, then it will be Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine that you might want to download for free today. There will also be Halo: Reach for free from September 16th, so this is another title to look forward to half way through the month.

When do you expect the Xbox Games with Gold September 1st update to release? When the time arrives we’ll be sure to update our readers, but if you see the titles first then leave a comment below.

We’ve just checked both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but neither system features the Games with Gold for September just yet. Microsoft has mentioned before that they “never give a specific release time thanks to it varying”.



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