The Sims 4 download release time with pre-load

We are expecting The Sims 4 download to go live in the coming hours with the full release this week, but we have some great news for those that want to get started early. EA has confirmed that The Sims 4 pre-load is already available for those that have ordered the game from Origin.

EA has just confirmed that Origin buyers can start pre-loading the game now as it should have already rolled out in most regions as of a few hours ago. To check if your game is available, simply launch Origin and check to see if The Sims 4 is ready in your Origin Game Library.

Remember that The Sims 4 launches on September 2 in the US, but those in the UK will have to wait until September 5 to get their hands on the game due to the usual regional differences when it comes to new game releases.

It’s great that EA has given fans the option of playing the minute the download goes live in your area though, as we know there are millions of crazy fans who still love playing The Sims as part of their daily lifestyle.

The question is are you going to be able to play the game on September 2, or will you have to hold on until later on in the week? Let us know if you pre-ordered the game from Origin and if you are now pre-loading as we speak.



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