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Swing Copters cheats are hacking app files

There is a number of Swing Copters cheats on iOS using other apps to hack into the iPhone filesystem, which then allows the user to edit their Swing Copters high score to cheat friends into thinking they got the highest score ever. The video we found on YouTube details how to “impress your Friends” and then gives you a walkthrough on how to manipulate your Swing Copters score by cheating.

The interesting part about this video is not the fact it works, but instead how YouTube viewers are giving it more dislikes than likes. This is not due to the Swing Copters cheat not working, but rather how most people hate cheats and of course there’s ethical reasons for gamers not to.

Would you ever trick a friend in this way by cheating your Swing Copters high score in the iPad, or iPhone app? The way the video creator has done it seems to be with another app called, “iFile”. If you are thinking an iOS 7 jailbreak would be needed, then you are wrong and can download iFile directly from iTunes.


We need to warn Product Reviews readers in regard to iFile, as it costs just under $2 on iTunes and some people say it’s not working. One commenter on the App Store said, “This app does nothing, I want a refund”. With this in-mind, it seems a costly way to trick friends even if it did work.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think about Swing Copters, this cheat, and of course if you know anyone that tried it? One reason people are hunting cheats for this game is due to its difficulty on both Android and iOS.



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