PS4 Themes price and demo key factors

It looks like Sony’s PS4 2.0 update is going to be well worth the wait when it becomes available. We know that the update will include the exciting PS4 Share Play features but now we have had the confirmation that it will also come with Themes as well.

We have spoken about the necessity for PS4 Themes in the past, but now it’s great to see Sony officially confirm this as a fact and also that these will be Dynamic themes just like on PS3.

There’s no word on the potential PS4 themes price yet as remember that they were not free on PS3. We do have a sample theme to show you though, as Sony unveiled one theme in action during their pre-TGS event yesterday in Japan.

If you watch the preview video that we have included below, you can also see that Sony are able to attach sounds to the theme as well. For example, when navigating across the main dashboard you’ll be able to have unique sounds if you want.

Considering how long that PS4 users have been waiting to see Themes on PS4, it’s great to finally see it in the flesh and in a working state. Let us know what you think about this upcoming feature and the maximum amount of money that you would be willing to pay for one.

What would be your first PS4 theme download?



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