PS4 2.0 update date close, 1.76 release crushed

- Aug 30, 2014

Following the PS3 4.65 firmware releasing and the PS4 2.0 update release date closing in thanks to a fall window, it now seems highly unlikely to see any other firmware updates for PlayStation 4 and this means no 1.76 update like some people wanted.

There were hopes by a few that 1.76 would bring bug fixes and slight improvements before the PS4 2.0 update, especially considering it has been a month since the last firmware notes landed.

This is what one Product Reviews reader said, “Fall ends in the second half of December, I really hope we see the PS4 1.76 firmware update within the next month, as I really don’t want to wait up to 3.5 months”. Another added, “I can’t be bothered with minor patches, please Sony bring the PS4 2.0 update right at the start of fall next month”.


PS4 2.0 update date close – with fall starting towards the end of September, this is just over 3 weeks away and we have every reason to believe Sony’s aiming for the start of fall. If our sources are correct about the PS4 2.0 firmware update releasing at the start of fall, then it leaves little time for another software update and this is highly unlikely to happen.

We also noticed a tweet from PlayStation that stated, “Fall is not long away”. This was a response to a gamer asking when the PS4 2.0 update would release? Again, this hints towards a sooner rather than later download.

Are you happy to wait until PS4 update 2.0 without the need for another firmware before then? Share Play in our opinion is a gamer changer for the next major system update, although we’d love to know what features you’re looking forward to from 2.0? Leave your comments below, and read about all the new features via the link in the above tweet.

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  • cris h

    Mp3 Should of been included at launch. PS4 most powerful gaming console and it can’t even play mp3….wtf Sony??? 👎 pull your heads out of your assess and give us our money’s worth.

    • Zen777

      I agree. No point buying a PS4 until it can do what my PS3 could. Come on Sony, sort it out.

  • Gareth

    It needs to hurry up. The Facebook upload video quality is shocking.
    They need to make a option to change the record button for double tapping it.

    Rather than starting a video recording from then it should be record the last 30 secs

  • Michael Wilson

    Oh… Looky here people 1.76 landed today. Stop assuming people.

    • Dave Edmonds

      Would be nice if it was easy to see what the update “actually” did. Been looking but not much info.

  • Stop crying your heart out!

    I just shut the fk up and wait tbh, can’t see why people cry about things like this, oh and i have every console to date before someone decides to start a fanboy war lmao you kids….

  • Joe Bo

    Why would ANYONE find it BETTER to have to wait for ANYTHING to be fixed /patched, especially when a lot of PSN users are having problems even restoring licenses…. Get the $hit working as fast as possible… These “Are you happy or sad that you have to wait for something you spent hundreds of dollars on to be fixed/more stable?” WTF? Umm, naw, I’d rather wait even longer to be able to use something I paid for, lol… Get real.. Same thing with any product you guys are writing about…. PEOPLE ALWAYS WILL PREFER TO HAVE THEIR $HIT WORKING ASAP, NOT PREFER TO WAIT… LIKE WHY ISN’T THAT COMMON SENSE? PLEASE POST MORE INTERESTING ARTICLES, THIS IS LAAAAAAME…

  • Jaicen

    The PS4 and XbOne are rushed consoles. These features should have been released with the console, but I’m patient to see it evolve like the PS3 did.

    Hopefully progression will be faster. As PS4 is supposed to be easier to build on.

    • Arckanum

      Easier to build on, yet the XB1 gets monthly updates while we wait for MP3 support to come in 2015 per Sony, but yet we get themes in 2.0! Please Sony don’t add any useful features, add theme support and PS Now because we know you want us to spend more money on your empty featureless console.

      • Jaicen

        While I agree with you…you’re kinda flipped on a few things

        Microsoft is king of the operating systems, although it may not be good, their specialty is software. So of course a patch, a hotfix, is going to come often.

        PSNow and EA Access are the same thing except PSNow will give you Sony games from the PS3, if they are from EA thats questionable, but PSNow is still in Open Beta with prices fluctuating all the so its up for debate. I’d also like to remind you that it costs more to have an Xbox than a PS4.

        PS Plus for 3 years is 17.99; You get access to PSNow, game multplayer on the PS4 (PS3 is still free), 2 free games a month. And can be stacked. And it does give discounts to certain games.

        Xbox Live costs 19.38 (cheapest I ever saw) On the Microsoft site its 24.99. Gives you multiplayer, 2 free games, and access to “premium content” like FB, Twitter and other apps not including the ones they allowed everyone to access like Hulu. And gives access to certain games. Also, you still have to subscribe to EA Access. EA Access cots 4.99 a month But it does offer a little bit of value with a 10% discount on games bought through Xbox One…ehem…But it also allows you to try games 5 days before release, even if you didn’t buy it! But the money…but the money sink is still there.

        Just my perspective

        • Arckanum

          Let me ask you an important question, do you own an XB1 and a PS4? I have both. It’s hard to explain why I like the XB1 better in words, would be simpler to show you how much nicer they integrate things than the PS4

        • Jaicen

          I own an Xbox360, an Xbox One, a PS4, a PS3 and obviously a PC. I also have a Wii U although I let my sister use it more…

        • Arckanum

          I respect your opinion too, I just prefer the overall refinement on the XB1. They both have pros and cons, which is why I bought both. Thanks.

  • Herve Shango

    these features are coming slowly but surely, i for one i’m being patient because i know sony will deliver and also people complaining about mp3 lol use your friggin ipod,iphone or laptop to play music lol PS4 is for gaming etc but anywho the playstation 4 community gotta be abit more patient, all these features that we’ve asked is on its way. i even expect mp3 support to arrive at least by january 2015 or february the latest.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I only want mp3 support and pausing downloads. All others are extras to me…

  • Luke

    Why do I always see articles saying gamers moan about getting stability updates and when there haven’t been one for a while I see an article saying games want a stability update?

    • Blaize

      Because people love to cry about everything on the internet.