Fernando Torres rating at AC Milan in FIFA 15

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 30, 2014

At the beginning of this month we looked at what Chelsea FC player Fernando Torres might receive in the way of an overall rating in FIFA 15. At the time, Torres wasn’t going to be loaned out to AC Milan, but of course since then things have changed and you will now play Fernando Torres in FIFA 15 at the Italian football club AC Milan.

We saw mixed reactions over a possible Fernando Torres downgrade for FIFA 15. This included comments from both AC Milan and Chelsea FC supporters, so it will be interesting to now hear from football fans about their prediction for the AC Milan Torres overall rating in FIFA 15.

Will some gamer and football fan predictions change now Torres will be playing for AC Milan? The previous article included a prediction video giving Torres a 79 overall rating in FIFA 15, which is down from FIFA 14.

His performance most likely means the majority of our readers would agree he needs a downgrade, but is a 79 rating spot on or too much of a drop? Are we likely to see much better performance from Fernando Torres once he’s playing for AC Milan. This is going to be an interesting change and of course one his fans would most likely enjoy to see.


You also won’t need to look far on YouTube to see a few “Welcome to AC Milan” videos for Fernando Torres, which feature some of this best goals and skills on show. We’ve included two videos below featuring some of his best moment, although share your comments on his expected rating and performance expectation now he’s moving to AC Milan. Should Torres start at AC Milan with a 79 overall rating in FIFA 15, or much higher?

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  • shantanu

    82 his pace and dribbling is more than mentioned and his heading too so 82 is what i think

  • Raze

    I’d say 82

  • Hdehbhdcbhd

    He should be 76/75 because everything he’s done this season which is nothing

  • Swapnil Darmora

    I think he shoud be given more points in pac and dribbling because althouhg his finishing was poor but his pace was good and he made a lot of succesful dribbles last year

  • Steve

    80 would be spot on

  • Yasir

    I think he should be 80/81