Xbox Games with Gold October needs improving

By Alan Ng - Aug 29, 2014

By now, you should have heard that Microsoft has just announced the Games with Gold September list for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Those who were expecting a big retail game though are going to be disappointed again as Microsoft has actually only offered one new Xbox One game for September.

We spoke about this in a previous report here, with Microsoft not able to offer the two games on Xbox One as they originally promised a few months ago when the Games with Gold program extended to Xbox One.

The reality is though that Xbox One gamers will only be getting Super Time Force this month since Crimson Dragon, the game that was offered last month is staying for one more month.

On Xbox 360, gamers are going to be getting Monaco and Halo Reach so in reality Xbox 360 owners are getting the sweeter deal than Xbox One. It’s definitely not as good as last month in which Dishonored was offered though, so are you hoping for bigger and better things from Microsoft for October?

PS Plus subscribers are actually in the same boat with constant requests for to Sony offer a full retail game but we have a feeling that the wait may go on until 2015.

The first retail game that will come on PS Plus is looking like Driveclub and when this arrives, it could be the time for when Microsoft will follow suit – after all they love matching what Sony offers to stay competitive – 3D Blu-Ray support and now DLNA as prime examples.

Looking ahead, what do you see Microsoft doing for the Games with Gold October 2014 list? Obviously they won’t be able to pull the same trick twice with just one game so two will be coming.

The problem is that there are not enough Xbox One games for Microsoft to justify handing out for free, which is why they made the decision to only offer Super Time Force for September.

If you can predict the two games already, do you think that they will be two more Indie games? Let us know what you think Microsoft will do, knowing that they could only offer one game for September.

Can you admit to feeling disappointed with the September update? What would you like to see for October?

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  • mj

    This article is a joke. On the 360 GwG has offered 16 Retail and 17 Arcade games since launch, and only once was there 2 arcade and no retail offered in a month, but a different month there was 2 retail and no arcade games offered.

    BTW, what games would you expect to come to Xbox One? Nothing from EA will be offered (EA Access), no tie in games like Forza (will kill sales for FH2), and no sports or annual titles, so you’re left with pretty much Arcade (indie) type games. Oh well….its not like PS4 is doing any different. And DriveClub for PS4 is not free…you get basically 10% of the game for free….pretty much like Dance Central Spotlight or PowerStar Golf or Pinball Fx, “free to play” but not really…

    • You are flat out wrong

      “BTW, what games would you expect to come to Xbox One? Nothing from EA will be offered (EA Access),”

      Oh, so now you’re seeing the argument we made when EA Access was announced three months ago. GG.

  • Cam

    They shoude have gta 5 or black ops or something like that

    • mj

      GTA 5 will NOT be free…Rockstar will get a boost in sales on ps3/360 when the Xbox One/PS4 version drops…why expect that to be free?

  • shane

    Make a freddy krueger game as the 80s freddy robert englund

  • shane

    Give spiderman free for xbox 360 mann,

  • Peter McDonald

    “Obviously they won’t be able to pull the same trick twice with just one game so two will be coming.” ???

    This was the second time they did it, The 2nd month of it only had 1 game as well with a game carrying over

    • mj

      Yes, but the next month we got 2 new games…its obvious that MS has a short supply of games at this point, just like the ps4 (how many cross buy games can they offer??). Give it another month or two and we won’t see any of these carry overs occur. Just look at the last 4 to 6 weeks and see how many new indie(arcade) games were released on Xbox One. Since June 1st there has been 20 arcade games released, before that back to launch there was 17 total…so in 3 and a half months we got 20 new games…but in more than twice that time only 17 were release with a good chunk of them during launch. So like I said, since the supply has doubled, there should be no reason to see really any more carry over games being offered.

  • Greg C

    This is a very good article Alan, however you should take more care before you put it online. If you followed what Microsoft has been doing correctly, they actually announced the 3D blu ray player before Sony, but clearly Sony realised that and just chucked it straight on an update. Microsoft tells people about the updates in advance with good informative videos.

    • scott

      thats a lie about microsofts updates if it was true then retail stores would been informed about the xbox one update issue that had people return there xbox ones for replacment in augest

      • mj

        The hell are you babbling on about? Every month, easily 2 weeks in advanced, Major Nelson has a quick 2 minute or so video of what to expect in the next update…and if you are a part of the preview updates (such as I am) you get to experience the new features 2 weeks in advanced of the rest of the xbox one users.

        What xbox one update issue are you even talking about…only reason anyone has had to return an xbox so far is because of a disc drive issue/mechanical sound issue, and that is MECHANICAL…not software based.

        • scott

          you just said it your self what xbox one update are you talking about? the one in augest the one that made the disc drive issue un able to read the game discs, they eventaly released a patch to fix the update but thouse that got a new xbox before that patch fix and updated for first time got there xboxs dis drive damaged and had to get replaced so yes a software update damaged the actaly hardware if microsoft testedthere updates on fresh xboxs before releasing them they could avoid that and im not the only one google it there was loads people that brought a new xbox when that update was out before the patch fix was released microsoft eventaly released a statement a day before the patch was released (a bit to late for most people in augest) that if they get one before 5pm on the next day to hold of updating till after 5pm so that they install the update with the patch if there xbox is new but for the majority of people that brought a xbox in early augest they had to get replacments and wait for a patch before they could even turn there xbox on for first time to install the fixed update

  • Anonymous

    This might sound stupid, but Angry Birds Star Wars on Xbox One wouldn’t be that bad. I have it on my phone and PC, so it would be nice to have a console version of the game.

    • mj

      It would. It being sold for $50 was idiotice

  • Liam B


  • Philip

    I would guess Minecraft will be one of the games since microsoft bought it, maybe they will give it for free…

  • guest

    for october i would love one of the fallout games. my disk versions are getting glitchy and i don’t want to go down to GAME and fix them for a fiver. i’d love oblivion to come on the system as long as they don’t bring fallout out with it in the same month … that’d be repetitive. for xbox one i … uhhh … i just want a f***ing game that isn’t made by some indie company I’ve never heard of. MAX was OK and guacamelee was fun for about one hour then i just turned it off and to this day I’ve never been back on it to defeat the flaming guy. strike suit zero … i can’t play it, the controls are terrible (same for that terrible dragon game). and of course the really only good game they have as of yet offered … halo SA. which is sadly the first game they offered and gets boring pretty fast. if it’s Halloween give us something good like outlast or something. not some happy dancing kiddy game made by**t, because those games suck. i’m not saying they will give us outlast but hey. at least it gives me something else to do on my xbox one instead of playing destiny for hours on end. i would play wolfenstein but i completed it and watchdogs was fun but after completing it there’s nothing to do accept for online and them minigame apps. even then there’s no reward for doing them. GOD … give me something to work with microsoft. rant over.

    • Raggedyman

      Give a beer to that men.

  • Bob bonbon

    Far cry 2 and crysis 2! That would be awesome!

  • chris

    can we get halo 4 please

    • CNTheBlueJay

      You havent gotten enough Halo? They gave away Halo 3 and Reach, both quality games.

      • chris

        there is no such thing as too much halo

        • CNTheBlueJay

          True, Id really like Halo 2, because its the only one I’ve never played (I sort of played Halo: CE because I own Anniversary), but I think the only version of Halo 2 is on PC or Xbox, and I think theyre doing an anniversary for 2 on the One, Im not sure, do you have any idea?

        • chris

          they announced the games with gold they are battlefield bad company 2 and darksiders 2

  • anonymous

    the way to see if a game would most likely come out look at a game that has been on games with gold and hit related games you will be surprised to see all the games that have also been on games with gold

  • Antony Devita

    i want to see a call of duty game like blackops 1 or like counter strike global offense

  • ?????

    How about a Metro game for 360? Anybody with me?

    • Albemuth

      Metro was on sale last week (when I finally got both games), it’s not likely they will be giving them away for free within at least six months.

  • shua

    i wish for once any of the games with gold would be something i don’t already have…please no bulletstorm, any of the batmans, red dead redemption, saints row, or borderlands…

  • Kingman

    I hope

  • Kingman

    Red dead redemption and bulletstorm

  • Max

    I hope we get left 4 dead 2 or payday 2

  • This Is Jeevos

    Saints row 4

  • Truck


    • Truck

      Or maybe
      Borderlands 2
      Fallout 3
      Saints row 4

      I’d love prototype 2 🙂
      Most of the games above a relatively old so there’s a good chance of getting the

  • Aazaad Gass

    Fallout 3

  • J-1

    GTA 4 and episodes of liberty city bundle and Tomb Raider for October

    • J-1

      Or maybe Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 or 2 or 1

    • J-1

      Or Call of Duty modern warfare 3,2 or 1

      • J-1

        Or Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Transformed

  • Lil Joker

    I would like Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham Origins or Ninja Gaiden 2

  • Paul Malrose

    Can we get Dragon Age Origins for 360 owners?

  • Afonso Dias

    I would prefer one game for single-player and another for co-op (balance is the best option).
    Deadpool and Diablo 3 would be perfect.

    • Guest

      Diablo 3 just came out like a week ago, and Deadpool is on the 360, not on the Xbox One… Maybe read fully before posting.

      • Guest

        diablo 3 came out a year ago LOL

        • disqus_Jhf5ZbXoUU

          For PS4 and Xbox One (which this article is about) it came out only a month ago.

        • guest

          no reaper of souls came out a month ago. diablo 3 came out like 1 and a half years ago and it didn’t come out for X1 and PS4.

        • KingZeroOfTheDarkRealm

          actually it did go fact check son

  • seanblake

    Either outlast,dead space and something decent really so dead space,outlast,red dead redemption or borderlands to wud be great really😂😄😁🙌

  • Darrin Fortner

    I just hope it’s not more 1 player game. I mean wtf kind of appreciation is it to give people who pay for online privileges games that can’t be played online? And I mean either co-op or competitive play not the leaderboard bs.

    • Paul Malrose

      Clearly you haven’t played any of the games they offer.

      • Darrin Fortner

        Clearly I’ve been getting them since Fable 3 the first “games with gold” promo release. I did’t say they overloaded it with singleplayer games I said I don’t want any more. Cause there HAS been a few AND people are requesting more. So kindly keep your half thoughts to yourself and don’t reply to my posts.

        • GamerResentment

          Kindly stop using the internet to do things publicly like it’s intended for. Yeah your real smart.

        • Darrin Fortner

          Hey dipshit you his brother or something? Can’t either of you read and interpret at least a few sentences? Read the whole conversation before deciding to release the little bit of thoughts contained in that head of yours.

        • GamerResentment

          No we read your post. You want multiplayer games only. But again, you get what you get. They don’t have to reward you for paying for their services so you have no place to complain. Someone asks for food and you hand them a resees? They better appreciate it because it is something to eat. Just because you don’t take them out for fine dining doesn’t mean they have a reason to complain. Single player games aren’t trash. What kind of games is an individual more likely to have if they pay for online services? Online games. So what has a bigger chance of upsetting gamers that already have the games offered? Online games.
          There has been GOW, halo 3 and reach, fable, magic 2013, rainbow 6 Vegas, clash of heros, dead island, toy soldiers, and more that we’re multiplayer games so I’m sure you can handle getting a couple more single player games thrown into the mix. I like multiplayer games as well but I also love single player games. Nothing wrong with people who like both sides of the spectrum.

    • GamerResentment

      What kind if appreciation is a person complaining about getting free games when free games don’t even have to happen? Beggars can’t be choosers so put on your big boy pants and stfu

      • Darrin Fortner

        I paid for gold before the promo started so I couldn’t care less. But if someone asks for food you don’t throw them a reeses. Let’s get real PS+ isn’t rewarding for paying for online so they can get away with it Xbox shouldn’t even try. Scrap the whole promo for all I care I either buy the games I want or make due with what I’ve got. Not a beggar just can spot backhanded compliments.

        • GamerResentment

          Ok so your saying scrap the promo up there ^^^ and down below your saying you want multiplayer games only and no single player games….
          it sounds like
          “Stop giving free things away because it isn’t the free content I want”
          Again, go to your closet and find your big boy pants. Mommy and daddy can help if you can’t find them.

  • vx7t4k3aL1f3

    October Halloween dead space would be perfect:)!!!!

  • tj

    Microsoft are good with games with gold but some of the prices of others games are just stupid i mean south park the stick of truth is about £20 in shop yet on xbox marketplace they are trying to sell it for £45 wtf are Microsoft retarded or something?

    • ProfessorStank7

      I know what you mean. I noticed that Modern Warfare 3 is around $45 or $50 in the marketplace, but at Gamestop, it’s only like $6. Black Ops II was the same way ($60 marketplace, $25 Gamestop). It doesn’t make sense.

  • MacGruber

    I hope this will duke Nukem Forever next month (I have my player but no longer works)

  • hathor

    OK ok ok ok can we get more main stream games. Or they can give us golden tokens(like I already suggested) and we can pick our own for the months. That’s good as it gets for everyone

    • guest

      never going to happen sadly, MS make deals with the companies in advance and they pay them a large sum of cash to make up for the loss of income they recieved during the offer … unless it’s rareware games. they just get given to brazil and stuff when we get something terrible like rainbow six and shiz. i would’ve loved to get banjo tooie instead of rainbow six but nope … i’m stuck with a terrible confusing FPS that no one plays.

  • Nath

    What about Alan wake American Nightmare or state of decay

    • Theory89

      State of Decay would actually be a good shout, although I suspect they’ll wait until the new one is nearer on Xbox One. If my One can play arcade games, why can’t it play 360 games? I get that the discs are different but you would think they’d make downloadable ones, like PS3 have PS2 games. I really wanna play New Vegas, having just played Fallout 3 on holiday, and I’m gonna have to buy a 360 to do it *sigh* (#FirstWorldProblems).

  • Lawry Condon

    I really appreciate Games with Gold. I’ve gotten a chance to play many titles that I otherwise would have never tried before and it gives me something to look forward to.
    What I’m really hoping for is a Silent Hill title in October since the new SH is coming very soon and it fits with Halloween – however, those hopes aren’t too high. I’d also like to see a legit RPG title (something along the lines of Lost Odyssey).

  • Brad

    I think people should be happy they are getting anything for free! It’s not like Microsoft has to do this, beggers can’t be choosers!

    • Dave

      Yes they do or people will go to the PS4 Braaaaad

      • guest

        Excuse me but his name is Braaaaaad!

        • Dooskop

          10 points to griffindor!

        • Theory89

          I really wanna see a Braaaaaad vs. Brad showdown. Can that go on Gold?

    • Braaaaaad

      you always do the brad you total bellend

    • Moch


  • goldengamer

    I’m hoping in the months to come we’ll get some good old games, not the usual crappy arcade game that disappoints on the first play.

  • Pathadog

    Warframe was free this month on xbone and that’s a sick game

    • Omch

      You don’t go on the internet much do you?

    • Rokai

      Uhhhhh its a free to play game :/

  • evilcarebear

    The games with gold promotion is crap. I have been so disappointed that I cancelled my xbox live gold account. I dont even play online and havent liked but maybe one or two of the free games offered since the promotion started.

  • Arjun Manchanda

    Maybe Crysis2 or 3 or Fuse. Those are really nice games, but could use for online players

  • LoDownDrtyShame on xbox

    Honestly id like to see an NFS pairing for October any two NFS games except for shift and prostreet I have those already

  • TheHobbit

    I’d like to see LotR: WitN (Full Game) and State of Decay (Arcade). Both older games that are pretty good.

    • CoD Master

      I wouldn’t say LotR a good game.

  • ghost7658

    dead rising 2 and dead space

    • Onur Yildiz

      there already was dead rising 2 . well not in germany I think we got shadowrun instread or lost planet 2

  • Natalie Ailer

    Personally I own both systems so I get 3 to 4 free games a month. No complaints here.

  • AJ

    Bordrlands 2

    • Lennaert van Mierlo

      That one’s def not coming for it’s on sale with a 75% reduction. It’s something €7,50 now.

      • AntiTeaTheist

        Which makes it likely to come. I bought Dishonored for $5 like a week before they announced it as free.

  • Alex Fischetti

    I would like to c a Madden NFL game for October or mass effect for the 360

  • Omar

    Did the author seriously say that Xbox loves matching PS4 features to stay competitive and used 3D Bluray and DLNA as “prime” examples? Seriously? Ummmm, Microsoft announced (but didn’t release) 3D Bluray support first and Sony doesn’t even offer any kind of DLNA support on PS4. XB1 had Play-to since launch and full DLNA coming in an update.

  • Just some guy

    mass effect 3 xbox 360


    At least for the 360 the games are getting WAY better, and I’m happy with that.

  • Austin Benyo

    They should either give us 2 indie games or one retail game.. Personally I would like to see trials evolution go for free.

    • Onur Yildiz

      I think you mean arcade games when you say indie games right ?

  • Kenneth Neil Turner

    3D Blu-ray support was announced for xbox one before ps4 announced they were releasing an update for 3D Blu-ray. Just saying