Skate 4 release date pleaded by gamers

Are you still holding on to the Skate 4 release date dream? This is a game that has been in high demand for years and thanks to some amazing developments regarding Skate 3 this week, gamers are still hoping that EA will deliver the game soon.

Skate 3 was a game that released in 2010, but is still being played daily by gaming communities on YouTube. As a result, you’ll be amazed to hear that Skate 3 has re-appeared on the gaming charts 4 years later and as a result, EA has officially started to reprint more copies of the game to meet up with the fresh demand.

On a broader scale, this should act as a further wake-up call to the higher powers that be at EA, in convincing them that Skate 4 would a game that is in high demand and selling copies would not be a problem.

Above is a Tweet that we’ve included from one member of the original Skate 3 team who is also surprised that the game reappeared in the charts. He also said the following though about what happened to the team – EA Blackbox after the game:

“The Skate team was probably the best team I’ve ever worked with, alas we’re all scattered to the 4 corners of the earth and Blackbox is dead”

It essentially means that if EA are bringing Skate 4 out, they need to find a new group of developers to do it, which is probably why we haven’t seen any progress for 4 years.

Thanks to the power of YouTube, Skate 3 is now back in the headlines so we think gamers need to once again show their power and show EA how bad you want the game to happen.

Do you personally want to see Skate 4? There’s rumors that Skate 4 may be Xbox One exclusive if it happens, how would you feel about that?



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