Samsung Gear S vs. LG G Watch R with advantages

We wouldn’t normally expect a very short video to be able to compare the Samsung Gear S and LG G Watch R, although the video we have featured below aims to reveal the advantages of each device in a simple way. While this video doesn’t go into any great detail, it looks like it hits the sweet spot for those with a short amount of time.

You’ll see the advantages of the Samsung Gear S smartwatch revealed first, followed by the main selling points for LG G Watch R. The video only runs for just under one and half minutes, but take a look below and let us know what you think?


The video creator believes Gear S advantages include a 54 percent larger display, 3G capability, curved display, UV sensor, and call functionality. The LG G Watch R advantages are said to be a circular display, 20 percent faster CPU, 13 percent more pixels per inch, greater smartphone compatibility, and a 37 percent bigger battery.

You can see these features side-by-side in the image above, so take a look and feel free to watch the video. Samsung Gear S vs. LG G Watch R, what smartwatch is better in your opinion?



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