Xbox Live login down today with multiple errors

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2014

We are all expecting PSN to go down today with Sony’s expected maintenance, but what we didn’t expect was Xbox Live down today as well. This certainly wasn’t expected but we are seeing Xbox One error code 80151103, 800705B4 and 80072741 and all services appear to be down.

We know what you are thinking – Xbox Live is down and does it have something to do with LizardSquad, the same group that were responsible for bringing down Sony’s PSN last weekend?

We ourselves have been having Xbox One login problems, but at the moment it looks like others can sign in fine. We have done some digging and we can see that others are having issues as well accessing Xbox Live.

However, the official Xbox Live status website states that all core Xbox Live services are up and running, including social and gaming so we’re not 100% sure. Right now, our Xbox One login is not working but Microsoft obviously feels that everything is fine at the moment.

It also looks like Hotmail is down today as well. Is it connected to Xbox Live – is it another DDOS? Give us your own status at the moment in your area and let us know if you can sign in right now.

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  • Jeff Harrison

    I’m in Korea. I cannot log into my xbox live gold account, but my son can log into his xbox live silver account.on the same xbox one and same internet provided.

  • James

    I contacted Microsoft and they said that this issue is occurring mostly for Time Warner Cable users.

    • RL Hanzo

      I am a TWC user and I am unable to log in

  • organizedchaos

    Almost everything Microsoft is down right now. Xbox, Onedrive, Outlook, etc.

  • teeK 1H

    Thank you for the post. I did notice it says everything is up and running at 100% but that is not at all the case right now.