Xbox Games with Gold September announcement time

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2014

We are just hours away from the expected Xbox Games with Gold September 2014 announcement time. We know this as Microsoft has followed patterns with their previous announcements, with the August update being revealed on July 28.

As a result, Microsoft are now expected to announce the Xbox Games with Gold September games list on August 28 and now we have a heads-up on the possible time exactly for when Xbox and Major Nelson reveals the all-important details.

Of course, it also makes sense for Microsoft to reveal the news today since Sony has already revealed the full list of PS Plus September 2014 games hours ago – confirming Sportsfriends and Velocity2X as the free PS4 games.

Now, let’s rewind back to the August update as Microsoft revealed the news at precisely 8am Pacific Time on July 28, 2014. Following this formula, we can expect to see the Xbox Games with Gold September 2014 games announcement at 8am Pacific Time on August 28 too.

For those on Eastern Time, it could be reveal at 11am on Thursday and a reveal in the UK at around 4pm on Thursday afternoon. Obviously we can’t confirm this as fact but considering that Microsoft has been following this pattern for their Games with Gold announcements – we have a feeling that it’s a safe bet.

The big question is what Games with Gold September Xbox One games are going to be announced to try and compete with what Sony has just announced for PS Plus. Gamers are obviously hoping to see something better than Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero, so we’re very excited to see what happens within the next few hours.

As we wait for the announcement, give us your last minute expectations on what games you think we will be seeing. Are you expecting Indie titles, just like PS Plus?

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  • Only thing I’m mad about is we getting crimson dragon again 🙁

    • yousif

      Its your unlucky day

  • stupot

    The list is out no link the im using x1 360 is monaco and halo reach x1 super time force and anther month of crimson dragon AGAIN sirt ya s rubbish out nelson

  • James

    Whew! I had a dream that only Xbox One got the good title-Battlefield 4 in this case. That was a close one.

    • stupot

      Better not be free cost me 30 quid last week!

  • wwer

    Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine & Halo: Reach

    • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

      yeah saw that on the facebook post. ticks me off. just another hard copy game i’m gonna be giving to my nephew.

      • Vincenzo

        Reach looks good, the other may be good.
        I hear they went with team based games. I wanted it to be Pay day 2.

  • will rimmer

    So far prediction time is +1 hour so prediction wrong 🙁

  • RealTalk69

    Big title possibilities:
    Red Dead Redemption
    Alan Wake
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Dead Space
    Max Payne 3

    I’m sure at least 2 of those titles will appear on games with gold before the end of the year. Let me know what you guys think!

    • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

      I would love the original Borderlands, i only borrowed it for one playthrough. I have Alan Wake, plz no. the rest… not my genre. I mean i’d play them, but they’d probably not find themselves on the permanent save list on my hard drive.

      • stupot

        Aru u inthe uk can giva ya 1st borderlands goty edition

        • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

          US sadly D:

  • F*ck microsoft

    I bought dark souls 4 days before it came out for free ,

    • DingerTheGreat

      Lol over the past 5-6 months I’ve either owned both or at least 1 of the free games for gold already before they have them away. It is pretty annoying.

      • DingerTheGreat

        Gave* damn phone

    • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

      I almost did the same thing with dishonored (it was 5 bucks like 2 weeks before they announced it was next on games with gold). I had Darksouls a few months before they announced it, but it was only a 5 dollar blow, so i wasn’t too steamed about it.

  • CoD Master

    Prediction time failed. its 4pm at Uk and nothing 🙁

  • CoD Master

    L.A Noire. L.A Noire.

    • joshoemaha

      On sale for $3.74 in the market place lol

      • CoD Master

        Not anymore.

  • joshoemaha

    I think it’s ridiculous that we are literally 3 days from the end of the month and there are no answers or reveals yet, seems to me that they used to announce their games around the 20th. But this is typical, Microsoft being money hungry in the hopes that people will buy the games before they release for free on Gold.

    • CoD Master

      Lol you are overreacting a lot. The games every month announce at the final day of the month, but that’s not the case anymore from June.

      • joshoemaha

        I just think it’s an interesting fact that playstation is more on the ball with playstation plus announcements. I mean it’s really no skin off my nose, I’m just anxious for Destiny, Lords of the Fallen, and Dragon Age.

        • CoD Master

          I wouldn’t say yes to that, since they changed that from last June, they announce their games at the last wednesday of the month.

  • stupot

    Ithink super time force and another world for the one

  • Zorro_x_Kakashi

    LEt them announce it already still holding onto some sparkling hope for microsoft 😀

  • dapaynale

    God i hope its not ACIV. I just bought it and it’ll crush me to get it for free meer days after i spent 30 for a digital copy. lol that happened to me with Dishonoered

    • adam

      kind of your own fault for not waiting *mere days to see if it actually is a waste. Just saying.

      • dapaynale

        you’re right mother, as always

        • adam


  • Skull Kidd

    Dynasty Warriors 8 would be cool, always wanted to try that. Trials maybe? BF4 is just a ridiculous idea lol

    • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

      i doubt it would be DW8, Koei Techmo is a d*** to Xbox (here’s the core game, you want expansions? go buy a playstation)

  • Skull Kidd

    Well it won’t be hard to beat the Playstation Plus selection this month, that was very disappointing so hopefully this will deliver a bit better.

  • Heyy

    The games are magic 2013 and tom Clancy rainbow six ,

    • Azuka Kurai

      That was last years one.

      • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

        watch it be magic 2014 and Ghost Recon.

  • Mushybananas

    I think that for 360 it should be an indie game and GTA 5. It may sound stupid but GTA 5 has been out for quite a while and it would be good to see Microsoft do it for free. It would also be a great advertisement for GTA 5 on Xbox One.

    • Hi

      I think that the 360 should not have GTA V, first off because alot of people have it and it is too new. Maybe for xbox one. But maybe GTA IV or San Andreas

      • CoD Master

        Lots of people have GTA IV and San Andreas too.

    • CoD Master

      Lol, that’s a joke and a bad one mate. Come one mate become more realistic. There is no way for MS to give a such big game that released a year ago.

      • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

        they have given out games only a year old , but i agree, i’ve gotten enough sandbox games from them (Sleeping Dogs, which was brilliant, and Saints Row 3 was amusingly zaney. GTA never vibed with me though as far as story goes).

  • Tyler Bass

    Outlast, loco cycle, and Trials are biggest possibilities for the One. 360 could possibly get Halo 3 ODST.

    • Hi

      The 360 already had Halo 3

      • Un gentil Monsieur

        He said ODST, not Halo 3. I hope it will be Outlast, trials or BF4(I’m dreaming yeah) for Xbox One!

  • dbzfanover9000

    they shud bring out ragin blast

    • lol7

      There was never a digital copy of that game, only physical, digitally we got DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi, DBZ battle of Z, and DBZ Budokai HD collection.

  • NotInTheMood

    I think bringing out left 4 dead will be a good move for Microsoft

    • CoD Master

      No that would be a very very bad move for them.

  • karl

    Its gonna be some trash games like usual probably zombie driver or some crap and loco cycle

    • CoD Master

      Then why you are visiting these posts if you don’t ever care, let me guess? You are ragin because Sony have awful games for september,right?

      • adam

        unless a comment was deleted, he never stated he didn’t care, and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of rage in his statement either.
        Put down the CoD, and calm down.

        • dapaynale

          # right!?

  • GuiltySpartan11

    Outlast and Super Time Force.

  • Anonymous

    At least you guys are realistic and don’t have any of this ‘Peggle and BF4’ nonsense, since the games are part of the EA Early Access package.

    • will rimmer

      I know right? Whoever thinks that BF4 ,AC4 or any other AAA games will be free in the next 6 or so months is kidding themselves.

      I have a feeling though that it may suprise us all and be MGS Ground zero and Killer Instinct

      • adam

        killer instinct is free to play, and they give out games under Games With Gold, not DLC (which is what the character/packs in KI are considered as)
        while it is possible, it’s HIGHLY improbable.

  • will rimmer

    Im going to go with….Loco Cycle & Outlast

  • Evan Voorhies

    I’m gonna go with Super Time Force and Lococycle.