Next GTA V update with secret Heists bomb

While we told you that a new GTA V update would be coming on November 11 for Veteran’s Day 2014, it looks like Rockstar has plans to possibly introduce an update before then and it could be GTA V 1.17 with Heists!

Some very juicy information has turned up behind the scenes once again, but to our surprise it looks like it could actually be Rockstar who have accidentally leaked some unreleased GTA V DLC for the game.

Head to GTA Online now and scroll to the Stats tab as soon as you bring up the map. From there, go down to weapons and scroll across the far right until you get to the Firework Launcher.


You may notice that this looks considerably different to the Firework Launcher that was released with the Independence Day update. This is because Rockstar has accidentally leaked a new weapon which we can already reveal to be the Thermite bomb.

The most exciting thing about this is that it could be the first strong clue that Heists may, just may come with GTA V 1.17. After all, what is thermite traditionally used for? It’s the ingredient that is mostly used for demolition purposes and in the world of GTA, this could translate to blowing off the doors of a safe or blowing holes in walls for quick escapes on a Heists mission.

The fact that Rockstar has inserted it into the game right now suggests that it is going to be coming very soon – i.e. with the next GTA V update. The big question is when that will be of course, hopefully sometime in September.

The reality is that this thermite bomb is already in the game and we don’t see any other use for it, other than being directly connected to Heists. Could Rockstar finally be ready to give the single piece of content that they have denied gamers for a whole year?

Give us your thoughts and theories behind this.



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