MSN, Hotmail and not working, say users

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 28, 2014

Something is up with Microsoft services within the last few moments, as we are getting reports that MSN, Hotmail, and accounts at are not working. Also, we are hearing Xbox Live is being hit as well with some sort of outage, so naturally people are thinking this is a hack or maybe even Lizard Squad that’s gained a following on Twitter.

You only need to take a quick look at Twitter, or the popular “Is It Down Right Now” website to see server problems in what looks to be USA only. We tried to sign in to some of these services in the UK, and from what we can see Hotmail and have no problems for us.

Is MSN, Hotmail, and down for you today? We’ve embedded a few tweets below to showcase there is in fact people having major problems. Most of the areas we are seeing seem to be in the United States, so this is certainly that part of the world, although leave a comment if you are in the UK or Europe with issues.

One Product Reviews reader had this to say, “I can’t sign in, I get an error code. Also can’t access the xbox website anyone have this problem?” Another added, “I am having issues with Office 365, it is not working”.

Hotmail and Outlook Down

We’ve even seen people complaining that is down, but yet again we tried from the UK with no issues at all. Comments below, and of course what local city or area you’re in for those having problems today.

Update: We are also hearing about problems connecting to Windows Azure at, and Office 365 at

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  • john huscio

    Down in michigan

  • Carlton

    Down in Trinidad and Tobago too

  • dina

    Down in India too

  • justbritish123

    its not working here in united kingdom , it says someones trying to hack into your account and steal your personal details and accounts .

  • Bubba

    Down in South Dakota

  • Janice

    Down in Scotland also need to contact friends

  • Bugger 🙂 Sorry for those who are still on MS servers / hotmail.

  • gcblues

    down in rivas nicaragua

  • tpw

    Can’t get on Hot Mail in Massachusetts

  • Yvonne

    Down in New Hampshire too…

  • Yvonne

    Any idea at all when it will be back up?? I have important work and it’s ALL through Hotmail… ):

  • Yvonne

    Down in New Hampshire as well…

  • Tino

    Yes its down….I’m in L.A.