iOS 8 Gold Master date confirmed

- Aug 28, 2014

The iOS 8 Gold Master release date has been confirmed today thanks to the invites Apple sent out for their September 9th keynote. This is a quick update to remind our readers that the iOS 8 GM build will arrive for download right after the Apple keynote, so considering that’s now been confirmed as Sept 9th it means we know the GM release.

We featured the Apple event invitation for the September keynote earlier today, although you can see the very plain invite again below. This reveals very little, other than the date, so it makes us wonder why Apple is being very secretive this year?


Apple seeded the iOS 8 beta 6 to carriers only and didn’t give developers a look at all. The next preview will be Gold Master, and then you can count on seeing the public release go live just before the iPhone 6 release date in the second half of September.

If you are using iOS 8 beta 5, what needs fixing with the GM release in your opinion? If you have problems with battery life or other bugs, please share comment. We’ve spoken with our in-house developer and he stated, “The beta 5 build is as solid as it gets at this stage, I’m very happy”.

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  • Jack Draeger

    Sorry meant iOS 8 Beta 5

  • Jack Draeger

    My iPhone 8 Beta 5 has a serious battery drain. Mail seems to be the culprit.

  • FanBoy

    Its not a confirmation at all since its been rumored the GM was available this evening too …. an invite doesn’t indicate anything