Instagram goes down with sign in not loading

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 28, 2014

Instagram is down today and joins a list of other websites running into server problems, although in this case users are reporting problems with the sign in page. We’ve run a few tests and reached out to Instagram for comment, but for now we can see the login page isn’t working as seen in the screenshot below.

We’ll update our readers if we receive a comment on exactly how long Instagram will be down, or if this is related at all to the recent attacks on the likes of Twitter, PSN, and Twitch. For now, mark this one as a likely short outage that started in the last 30 minutes.

Are you seeing Instagram down and is the sign in page working for you right now? We’ve run tests from London, UK, and also in New York without any sign in success.

If you try the login page on, you’ll notice it hangs and then goes to a “500 Internal Server Error”. The tweets above also confirm an outage, which is being felt around the world by thousands considering the social websites popularity and Twitter integration.

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  • Caroboo

    I rarely sign out of my huskies insta, they are wildly more popular than myself! But I did notice his national bow tie day post has received a very sad amount of likes, and I’m no longer able to refresh my feed, etc. Also getting 503 “service unavailable” errors in my news