in , displays server 500 error

Thousands of people visiting will see a server 500 error right now, which follows the sign in page hanging after going down around an hour ago. Now though, the entire website has stopped working either thanks to the amount of demand or a possible server restart.

One of Product Reviews readers sent the screen below from within their iPhone 5S running the Instagram app. You can clearly see the “5xx Server Error” message display with a lot of white space and just the normal navigation icons at the bottom.


The website itself is totally down and hen you go to you’ll see a “500 Internal Server Error”, again it is not clear why Instagram is down right now. The latest development of the entire website going offline is either to do with a fix on the way, or the situation getting worse. Let us know if you see the apps or website come back up.

Update: The website came back for a couple of minutes, then went back offline again with the same “Server Error” message and makes some people wonder if it’s a denial of service attack.



Instagram goes down with sign in not loading

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