Games with Gold September Xbox One list live

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2014

We knew that Microsoft would announce the Xbox Games with Gold September list today and now we have been proved correct. The announcement has come exactly one month from the day that they announced the August content and now we know that the Games with Gold September Xbox One games will be Super Time Force and Crimson Dragon.

Major Nelson is literally getting pounded on Twitter, with questions coming in by the minute such as ‘When is the Games with Gold September announcement?’ and ‘Where are the Games with Gold Xbox One games?’.

He must have been aware of the sheer demand now that Sony has revealed their September PS Plus update and was also excited to reveal the Xbox list the following day.

Are you happy with these games though? We know what you are thinking though, Super Time Force is the only new game on Xbox One – Crimson Force is staying free for another month but it’s the same game from August’s update.

There’s no Battlefield 4 or Peggle either, ending the high speculation that these titles would be added. We said all the time though that Battlefield 4 wouldn’t be selected due to the Xbox One EA Access program, so perhaps some of you shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up so soon.

The games will be available to download on September 1, the same date exactly one month before when Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero were launched.

Look forward to detailed information on both games in due course, but for now give us your instant reaction to the fact that Super Time Force and Crimson Dragon have been selected as the Xbox Games with Gold free games for September.

Simply put, are you happy or unhappy with this update?

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  • joshoemaha

    Taking two indie games for Gold is ridiculous, they are both garbage indie games at that. Should’ve been free to begin with. Thanks for cheaping out on us again Microsoft. Time to reinvest in Playstation plus.

  • stupot

    Crimson dragon is an abomination plus its been free all august waste of 370 pounds to play thiss crap plus another 40 for gold dont be tight especially after killing so many ones on 21st aug with corrupt updates ditch crimson we want 1 big title

    • stupot


  • Ken

    The same game for another month is just plain lazy. As for Super Time Force its trash, the ultimate edition was on Steam for about $1.99 and I thought that was too expensive.

    All in all very disappointed with this.